Food & Housing Insecurity Resources

The College of Charleston Student Food/Temporary Housing Assistance Program is funded through students dedicating their meal swipes as a semester ends and by other friends, family, alumni, community members, and businesses making monetary donations to the Student Emergency Fund.

The Application for Student Food Assistance/Temporary Housing Assistance can be found on The Hub

The Program may provide temporary assistance in meals/dining dollars for use in the College of Charleston dining facilities or temporary housing in a residence hall for up to 10 days may be provided, if and when, resources are available.

The program is for eligible students who:

  • need short-term assistance, and have exhausted all other funding options.
  • submit a complete and accurate application, with the understanding that the application is not a guarantee of approval.
  • agree to submit additional documentation after applying or approval, if required.
  • understand the program is only for the student applying, not for other family members/friends.
  • must be currently enrolled.

Further information about this program is available through the Office of the Dean of Students 

  • in person.
  • by calling 843.953.5522.

To support the Student Food Assistance / Temporary Housing Assistance Program:

Donations can be directed to the program through the College of Charleston Student Emergency Fund R143 on the College of Charleston Giving page.

In the "Designation" field, please select "Other." In  "Other" Please enter "Student Affairs, Student Emergency Fund R143".

Thank you for your support!

Read about our Cougar Food Pantry:

Additional Resources

Below are some local community resources that may be available to students. Additional eligibility requirements may exist to access these resources. This list is not intended to be comprehensive or an endorsement, but rather a starting point for students in need.