Study Abroad & International Education

See the World. Find Yourself.

Study abroad changes you. A week, a summer or a semester abroad–you'll return with a powerful new perspective on your studies, your career path and your world. Developing a global mindset and collaborating cross-culturally is more important than ever in our increasingly interconnected world. That's why a College of Charleston education often includes meaningful, firsthand experiences with another culture, language and people.

Study Abroad

Through the Center for International Education, you can choose from three different types of exciting study abroad options.

College of Charleston Sponsored Programs

We offer programs organized by College of Charleston faculty during spring break, over the summer, and for a full semester. You'll pay College of Charleston tuition and fees plus a study abroad program fee. You can use College of Charleston financial aid and take courses taught by both College of Charleston professors and faculty from the host country.

Exchange Programs

We've built close partnerships with dozens of colleges and universities around the world. These partnerships offer you the opportunity to pay College of Charleston tuition and fees and utilize College of Charleston financial aid as full-time students at another university. Students will earn transfer credit at the College of Charleston for courses that they have earned the equivalent of a C or better. All courses must be pre-approved for transfer credit.

Affiliate Programs

College of Charleston students may decide to explore the hundreds of study abroad programs offered by other U.S. universities and third-party organizations. All classes must be pre-approved for credit, and you won't pay College of Charleston tuition for the time that you're abroad. Students pay a study abroad fee to the College of Charleston. Students will earn transfer credit at the College of Charleston for courses that they have earned the equivalent of a C or better.

All Study Abroad Programs

“This experience abroad challenged me, brought me to new heights and taught me more about myself than I ever imagined. I’m humbled to have taken part in this long-awaited, unparalleled experience.” —Ciana Feliccia ’22, Communication major who studied in Florence

Center for International Education

The Center for International Education (CIE) serves the College of Charleston students, faculty and staff by developing and nurturing global understanding and awareness through immersive academic experiences, programs and services, both domestically and internationally. CIE runs study abroad programs and also serves international students and international faculty and scholars.
  • Study Abroad

    Studying abroad is a powerful, thrilling experience. We know the process can be overwhelming, but the staff in CIE is here to help you select a program, prepare, apply and return.

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  • International Students

    The College of Charleston has a long tradition of welcoming international students to our campus and community. Once you're admitted, CIE is the primary contact for international students. Our professional staff is here to answer your questions and help you while you're at the College. CIE serves as your resource on immigration matters, your liaison to other campus services and assists you with your personal adjustment to life in the U.S.

    Looking to apply? Visit the international admissions website.

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  • International Faculty and Scholars

    Welcome to all international scholars and their families! CIE will assist you with the technical visa services required for entering the United States. While we are primarily responsible for the College's J-1 Exchange Visitor Program and for processing H-1B visas, CIE is the best resource for information on all matters pertaining to international scholars' status. Permanent Resident petitions are handled by the College's Legal Affairs Office.