Building your academic community

You may come to the College of Charleston knowing exactly what you want to major in. Or, you may have an idea based on a broad career or interest area. Whether you're confident in your choice or want a little more time to explore, we are here to help.  

What is a meta-major? 

It's a guided pathway that allows you to be intentional about exploring which major is right for you. Maybe you know you have a creative mind, but you aren't sure how that translates to a specific major. Maybe you love math, but you don't want to be a full-time mathematician.  

With meta-majors, you have the opportunity to explore various topics within your chosen area of study. You'll connect with like-minded students through academic open houses, majors and minors fairs, alumni panels and activities outside the classroom. 

Build your community. 

It all begins at orientation, where you'll connect with others who share a common interest. You'll meet faculty leaders and staff members who can guide and mentor you throughout your time at the College. You'll also discover student organizations connected to your meta-major. 

This is where you'll find your new study-buddy, best friend or someone to take notes for you if you have to miss class. 

We want you to feel supported from day one. 

You'll find professional support through advising, clear degree maps, early connections with the career center and intentional engagement with departments, faculty and staff.  

Which program will be right for you?

The support and community you'll gain through the meta-major will make you even more confident that you chose the right one.


Your Meta-Majors

Your academic journey begins when you select a meta-major. Select the options below to see which meta-major interests you.
  • Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

    When you select the Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences meta-major, you'll leverage your creativity and critical thinking skills to gain valuable insights into the complex social issues of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    About the Meta-Major
  • Business

    When you select the Business meta-major, you'll gain a foundational knowledge in business principles while developing critical skills to make an impact in the real world.

    About the Meta-Major
  • Education

    When you select the Education meta-major, you'll learn how to make complex ideas easy to understand while gaining the skills needed to help students grow as learners and as individuals. 

    About the Meta-Major
  • Human Health & Behavior

    When you select the Human Health & Behavior meta-major, you'll make a commitment to helping people lead healthier lives through clinical work, research, community outreach, or policy.

    About the Meta-Major
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & the Environment

    When you select the Science, Technology, Engineering, & the Environment meta-major, you'll develop skills that will help you solve problems and make new discoveries in a diverse array of science-based careers.

    About the Meta-Major
  • Exploratory

    When you select the Exploratory meta-major, you know your interests span several meta-major areas, and you are ready to better understand how those interests transform into a major through focused career exploration.

    About the Meta-Major