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Once you identify what type of application to submit, the application process is quick and easy. Apply using the College of Charleston application or on the Common app

Student Types

Are you unsure whether you should apply as a first-year student, a transfer student, second-degree applicant or readmit student? Check out the descriptions below to see where you fit.
  • First-Year Admission

    I will be a first-year student because I have:

    • Not yet graduated from high school, or earned my GED, or I am taking a post-graduate (fifth) year of high school.
    • Not taken any college classes between the time I graduated, earned my GED, or took a post-graduate year and now.
      Note: If you took college courses while still in high school (dual-enrollment), you are still considered a first-year applicant.

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  • Transfer Admission

    I am considered a transfer student if I have:

    • Earned an associate’s degree but not a bachelor’s degree.
    • Taken any college classes since I graduated from high school, earned a GED or completed a post-graduate year of high school.

      Note: College classes include any community/technical college, trade school, two-year or four-year college courses, and/or military service with a Joint Services Transcript (JST).

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  • Graduate Admission

    I am considered a graduate student if I have:

    • Earned a bachelor's degree and am seeking a master's degree or graduate certificate.

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  • Re-Admitted Students

    I am considered a readmit:

    • If I was previously enrolled at the College of Charleston as a degree-seeking student – either as a first-year student or transfer student.
      Note: The application review process and deadlines will vary depending on the cumulative GPA we have on record for the last term during which you were enrolled at the College.

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  • International Admission

    At the College of Charleston, your student status will determine which application you will need to submit:

    • International First-Year Student: If you are entering university directly after secondary school.

    • International Transfer Student: If you have completed secondary school and have taken additional coursework at one or more post-secondary institutions (colleges/universities)

    • Visiting International Student: If you plan to graduate from your home university, but wish to study abroad at the College of Charleston

    Please visit our International Admission page for more information on how to apply as an international student.

    Learn More on International Admission

  • Military & Veterans Admission

    US News Best for Vets 2023 badgeThank you for your service.

    As a veteran or military student, you may have several options for applying for admission:

    • Transfer Application: Most military and veteran students apply to the College of Charleston as transfer students by transferring credits from the Joint Services Transcript (JST), Community College of the Air Force, or other colleges or universities. 

    • Re-Admit Application: If you were previously enrolled at the College of Charleston, you are considered a re-admit student and should choose the readmit application.

    • Bachelor or Professional Studies (BPS) application: If our Adult Degree Completion program is a good choice for you, apply with the Bachelor or Professional Studies (BPS) application.

    For more information on how we can help you in the enrollment process, please visit our Military & Veterans page.

    Learn More on Military & Veteran Admission

  • Charleston Life

    CharlestonLife is a four-year, fully inclusive certificate program for students with mild intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). Students in this program will receive an education in academics, social development, independent living and career development. Students will also participate in activities offered by the College including attending traditional classes, living on campus, joining clubs and organizations and attending sporting events.

    To apply, please fill log in to the undergraduate application portal and select "Charleston Life" as your application type.

  • Non-Degree Admission

    If you wish to enroll in undergraduate courses but do not intend to seek a degree, apply as a non-degree student.

    If you want to enroll in a certificate program, you should complete the non-degree application. 

    Non-degree applicants may include visiting students, dual enrollment high school students and 60+ tuition exempt program students.

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  • Adult Degree Completion (B.P.S.)

    If you want to apply as a Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S.) student, you should complete the undergraduate application and select the Bachelor of Professional Studies option.

    Learn about B.P.S.