Students of Concern

The College of Charleston cares about the individual success and well-being of all our students and is committed to ensuring the safety of our community.  We rely on our community members to report when they notice a student exhibiting behavior that could negatively impact themselves or the community.  Through a collaborative cross-campus committee, the College utilizes risk assessment protocols to proactively assist and address students in need of support and intervention. 

A copy of the Students of Concern Committee and Involuntary Withdrawals Statement of Policy can also be found on the College's Policy website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some commonly-asked questions about the Students of Concern Committee and its outreach on campus.
  • Who is considered a Student of Concern?

    A student experiencing signs of distress or changes in behavior that impact their ability to succeed academically.  A student of concern has often not improved even after the introduction of various campus resources and would benefit from additional outreach and support. 

  • What does the Students of Concern Committee do?

    The SOCC works to maintain a safe College environment that is conducive to academic achievement while balancing its concern for individual students.  In pursuit of this purpose, the Committee’s mandate is to use reasonable discretion, based on a record of relevant materials, in order to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of the student involved and the entire College Community. This broad mandate allows the Committee to develop personalized plans of action, after considering a full range of suitable options, and selecting that one it believes is best tailored to the circumstances of a particular case.