Service & Leadership

You’re an agent of change. And that's what today’s employers want.

Whether you build your leadership skills through service learning or take on key responsibilities in a student organization, you’ll develop skills that will prepare you for a bright future.  

Learning Through Service

The College of Charleston does service learning differently. Instead of relegating it to some extracurricular “to do” list, we find opportunities to give back every day. Nearly all our academic programs offer a service-learning component.  

If you participate in a community-based or service-learning project, you’ll be sure to catch the attention of employers across the country. Some examples:  

  • Domestic and international projects during Alternative Break.  
  • Reading Partners tutor students in grade K-5.  
  • Support LGBTQ+ teens and young adults when you volunteer with the Trevor Project.  
  • If you’re fluent in more than one language, check out Translators Without Borders. You’ll provide translation services to humanitarian organizations around the world. 

Ready to learn more? Explore the Center for Civic Engagement.  

Leadership Opportunities  

Step out of your comfort zone. Try something new.  

With each new leadership opportunity you pursue, you develop valuable skills. You’ll also gain confidence in making your own decisions.  

Discovering your leadership style and honing your abilities to lead diverse teams will make you stand out when you apply to jobs after graduation. Plus, you’ll make new friends and have fun while you’re building these skills.  

Check out the Higdon Center for opportunities to build these skills.

One person or action can still make something good. The people I’ve met and the lessons I’ve learned [through Alternative Break] have changed the way I think and interact with the world for the better

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