Neighborhood Relations

We are a community within a community. 

Meet our Neighborhood Relations Coordinator, Anne M. Jackson

A native of South Carolina, Anne M. Jackson graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in French. As someone who grew up just down the road from Charleston, she is very familiar with the city of Charleston and is a low-country enthusiast. Anne’s role includes a wide array of responsibilities, including developing and fostering relationships with the permanent residents of Charleston, assisting students in understanding the rules and regulations of the city, and educating students on their responsibilities as members of the greater community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Anne with any questions or concerns.

Come to the Neighborhood Relations Coordinator if you want:

  • help with your neighbor and/or relation building.
  • to stay “in the know," of both campus and community activities. 

We can work together on items of interest to the community and to the campus.

We will work together to resolve situations amicably for all parties!

Contact me:


Phone: 843.953.5522

Additional Resources

Helpful links for off-campus students and campus neighbors.