International Application Overview

Begin your journey to study at College of Charleston!

First, determine which type of application you will need to submit; first-year student, transfer student or visiting student. You’ll complete the same application as a U.S. student, but you will also want to carefully review the specific application checklists for international students.


Application Types & Checklists

First-year student 

A first-year applicant is one entering university directly after secondary school (high school). 

How to apply as a first-year student

International first-year student application checklist

Transfer Student

A transfer applicant is a student applying for a bachelor’s degree that has completed high school and has taken additional coursework in one or more post-secondary institutions (college or university).

How to apply as a transfer student

International transfer student application checklist

Visiting Student

College of Charleston welcomes international students who wish to study at the College for one or two semesters to apply as a Visiting International Student. The college admits two types of visiting students:

  1. Students currently enrolled in college/university who plan to graduate from their home university but who wish to study abroad in the United States.
  2. Students who have graduated from high school who wish to study in the United States before starting college/university in their home country.

How to apply as a visiting student 

International visiting student application checklist