Transfer Admission

Embrace change.

It doesn’t matter how many college-level courses you’ve taken. Whether you’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree or want to complete your degree. Or if you want to be readmitted to the College. If you have the desire and passion, the College of Charleston is ready for you.

Understanding the Application Process

Applying for transfer admission is simple once you know the process. It's helpful to familiarize yourself with the necessary steps and gather required documents before you initiate the application process.

  1. Where to Apply

All applicants are required to apply online.

  1. What to Expect

All application materials must be either delivered or postmarked by the appropriate deadline. We cannot review an application or make a decision until the Office of Admissions has received all parts of the application. Once you’ve applied, you will be able to check the status of your application and required materials online. Decisions are generally made within three to four weeks of completing an application file.

  1. Required Application Materials

  • Transfer application - You’ll have the option to submit a personal statement telling the admissions committee anything you think the College should know about you. Readmit students should complete the readmit application and are required to submit a personal statement. (Adult Degree Completion students should select the Bachelor of Professional Studies on the application.)
  • $60 application fee - This fee is required upon submitting the application.
  • Official college/university transcripts - Transcripts from each school you've attended are required, regardless of the transferability of the courses.
  • High school transcripts - Transfer students who have fewer than 12 college-level credit hours must provide a transcript from each high school attended. Using a secure transcript-submission service like Parchment, SCOIR or eDocs, each high school must send transcripts directly to the College.
  • Mid-term grades - Transfer students who have fewer than 12 college-level credit hours must provide mid-term grades for courses in which they are currently enrolled. You may submit a screenshot of your student portal with midterms. All screenshots must include the student name, the school name, and the names/midterm grade(s) of all work in progress.
  • Personal statement - Students applying for readmission to the College are required to submit a personal statement. Personal statements must be included in the online application to let us know about your activities since you left the College of Charleston and why you want to return.

Submit admissions materials to:

College of Charleston
Office of Admissions
66 George Street
Charleston, S.C. 29424-0001

Fax: 843.953.6322


  1. Optional Application Materials

  • Letters of recommendation - If you want to submit letters of recommendation, send no more than two. Use “Recommendation Letter” in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name, birth date and College of Charleston ID number, if you know it.
  • Résumés, activity sheets and other supplemental information - You may email anything else you want us to consider. Be sure to include your full name, birth date and College of Charleston ID number, if you know it.
  • Arts submissions and auditions - Arts submissions or auditions are not required for admission, and there is no separate application for the School of the Arts. However, there are some departmental scholarships available for which auditions or portfolio reviews are required.
  1. Additional Considerations

Honors College Application

When you submit your transfer admission application, indicate you want to apply to the Honors College.


Residency for tuition purposes is determined when you submit your application. If you indicate you are a South Carolina resident on your application, but we cannot make that determination based on the information you submit, you will be advised to work with the Office of Legal Residency.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Be sure to stay up to date on important dates and deadlines in the transfer application process. Your application and all materials must be submitted online, emailed or postmarked by the below dates.
  • All Transfer Students (Except Readmit & Degree Completion Students)

    Meeting required deadlines will ensure you are prepared to successfully transition to the College of Charleston to complete your degree. We'll use the email address you provide in your application to communicate all next steps — including deadlines — throughout the application process.


    November 15 - Application due

    December 1 - Transcripts/materials for application due - unofficial transcripts accepted

    December 14 - Non-refundable enrollment deposit deadline

    December 21 - Orientation registration deadline


    June 30 - Application due

    July 7 - Transcripts/materials for application due - unofficial transcripts accepted

    July 31 - Non-refundable enrollment deposit deadline

    August 1 - Orientation registration deadline

  • Readmit Students


    June 1 - Application due


    December 2 (Midnight) - Transcripts/materials for application due - unofficial transcripts accepted

  • Readmit Students Who Left with a GPA Below 2.0


    June 1 - Application due


    November 1 - Transcripts/materials for application due - unofficial transcripts accepted. This deadline allows time for you to complete the STEP workshop.

  • Adult Degree Completion Students

    See the Bachelor of Professional Studies website for current application deadlines. 

  • Fall Housing Deadlines

    Transfer students can request on-campus housing. In order to be considered for housing, you must submit your enrollment confirmation, pay the housing application fee and complete the housing application. For more information, visit Campus Housing.

    Questions about the process? Curious how your credits will transfer? Explore our Transfer Student Resources.

Know the Admission Requirements

Maintain a GPA of 2.4 or Higher

While GPA is weighed heavily during our application review, we assess applications holistically and consider recent grades and degrees awarded.

College Transcripts Required

Students who have 12+ college credits need only provide their college transcripts. Admission decisions are based on grades submitted at the time they apply.

Good Standing Only

All transfer students must be in good standing at their current institution.

Fewer Than 12 Hours of College Credit?

You must meet the freshman requirements and submit high school transcripts.

Readmit Students

If you left the College with less than a 2.0 GPA and are readmitted, you will have to complete the STEP Program.

Learn more about what we look for in transfer students

Additional Information & Financial Aid 

No two students are alike, and that certainly applies to transfer students. If you require additional information based on your student type or are ready to begin the financial aid process, explore the links below.