Why Study History?

Studying the past helps you engage with the present and prepare for the future. We can look to the past to see fascinating examples of how other cultures and civilizations overcame issues that we still face today. History gives warnings but also inspires. Likewise, studying history equips students with valuable skills for launching successful careers after graduation.

What you'll learn

Studying history provides you with a skillset that employers value in today’s rapidly changing, information-based economy. You'll learn to:

  • Build and defend arguments based on evidence.
  • Collect, evaluate and analyze evidence.
  • Conduct research.
  • Write and communicate effectively.
  • Organize and conduct presentations.
  • Solve complex problems.
  • Act as a responsible citizen.

What you'll do

Our graduates have launched exciting careers in:

  • Museums and archives
  • Public relations
  • Publishing
  • Law
  • Education
  • Business

Graduates work in private industry, state and federal governments and non-profits, both here and abroad. In today’s global economy, the ability to think and write clearly through a perspective outside your own has great value.

History Major Vs Minor

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