From classical Greek and Latin to globally indispensible Spanish and Arabic, we offer one of the largest, most comprehensive language programs in the Southeast. Our faculty help you become responsible and engaged world citizens with an understanding and respect for international cultures.


LCWA is home to four departments where you'll find the majors and minors to boost your career and enrich your global perspective.
  • Classics

    You can choose from three Classics majors:

    • Classics, A.B. - focusing on the study of the Greek and Latin languages
    • Classics, B.A. - focusing on the study of Greco-Roman culture
    • Classics-Teacher Education Program (A.B. | B.A) 

    Students can also minor in Classics, Greek and Latin.

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  • French, Francophone, & Italian Studies

    Explore the languages, literatures and cultures of France and the French-speaking world. Or, choose an Italian Studies minor for an interdisciplinary look at the Italian language, history and culture.

    In addition to proficiency in the language and a deep apppreciation for the histories, art and societies of the French and Italian people, you'll prepare for cross-cultural careers that may include international business, design, entertainment, translation, theology and education.

    • French and Francophone Studies, B.A.
    • French and Francophone Studies - Teacher Education Program (PK-12), B.A.
    • French and Francophone Studies Minor
    • Italian Studies Minor
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  • German and Russian Studies

    The U.S. has many long-established social and cultural ties with the nations of the German-speaking world including Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Today, a knowledge of German has become important for anyone engaged in international commerce, research and technology.

    • German Studies Major, B.A.
    • German Minor
    • German Studies Minor

    The Russian Studies program offers a multidisciplinary course of study, combining the Russian language with courses related to Russian civilization, culture, history and politics. Upon completing the program, you'll acquire a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics and evolving relationship between the United States and Russia in the post Cold War era. 

    • Russian Studies Minor
    German and Russian Studies
  • Hispanic Studies

    Home to the largest and most comprehensive undergraduate Spanish program in the Southeast, the Department of Hispanic Studies is unique. We have dynamic, engaged faculty whose expertise span the spectrum from linguistics to translation to literature and film.

    We have a minor in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, which combines courses in advanced Portuguese language and culture, Portuguese literature in translation, Latin American & Caribbean studies, history and political science.

    We also have a Business Language in Spanish minor designed for students interested in both Spanish language and business studies, and who would like to work in the international business community.

    • Spanish, B.A.
    • Spanish-Teacher Education Program (PK-12), B.A.
    • Spanish Minor
    • Business Language Minor in Spanish
    • Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Minor
    Hispanic Studies

Interdisciplinary Majors & Minors

Multifaceted and interconnected, interdisciplinary programs bring together faculty, techniques and viewpoints from across our diverse programs to provide a holistic perspective and a more comprehensive understanding of these major areas of study.
  • African American Studies

    Through diverse courses and interdisciplinary perspectives, the African American Studies Program offers an insightful examination of the history, culture and experiences of African Americans.

    With the city of Charleston as a compelling backdrop, you'll benefit from the research opportunities, cultural events and historical significance of the city and its role in African American history.

    You gain the skills and knowledge you need for a wide range of careers, including education, social justice, advocacy, community development and public administration.

    • African American Studies, B.A.
    • African American Studies Minor
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  • Archaeology

    Dig deep.

    Join us for a journey through diverse cultures, time periods and geographic regions as we explore human history through the excavation, analysis and interpretation of archaeological remains.

    Archaeology takes a fully interdisciplinary approach to the curriculum, integrating the fields of anthropology, art history, biology, chemistry, classics, data science, geology, historic preservation, history and mathematics in the study of the material past.

    In addition to a career as an archaeologist, your studies in archaeology will prepare you for careers in research, preservation, education, forensics, conservation and restoration, art authentication, cultural resource management, museum curation and much more.

    • Archaeology, B.A.
    • Archaeology Minor


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  • International Studies

    From global economics to the anthropology of gender, and from world politics to world music, the International Studies program offers a kaleidoscope of interdisciplinary experiences.

    With concentrations spanning Africa, Europe, Asia, Global Studies and Latin America and the Caribbean, you choose your area of interest for an indepth exploration of global issues, cultures and societies.

    With a multidimensional perspective, you'll gain cross-cultural and global awareness skills and knowledge to succeed in any number of careers including government and public policy, diplomacy and foreign service, education, international banking and finance, research and analysis, law and healthcare.

    • International Studies, Africa Concentration, B.A.
    • International Studies, Asian Concentration, B.A
    • International Studies, Europe Concentration, B.A.
    • International Studies, Global Studies Concentration, B.A.
    • International Studies, Latin America and the Caribbean Concentration, B.A.
    • International Studies Minor
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  • Jewish Studies

    Take a comprehensive journey through Jewish history, culture, religion and thought. 

    This interdisciplinary major provides you with the knowledge and skills to engage with the multifaceted world of Jewish heritage including the study of American Jewish culture, Holocaust studies, Jewish traditions, Jewish mysticism, Israeli politics and society, and contemporary Jewish identity.

    Along the way, you'll prepare for a variety of career opportunities including education, theology, research, community leadership and intercultural engagment with a refined understanding of Jewish history and culture.

    • Jewish Studies, B.A.
    • Jewish Studies Minor 
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  • Latin American and Caribbean Studies

    From Aztecs to Zapata and bossa nova to reggae, join us for a multidisciplinary exploration of the culture, history and global significance of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

    You'll examine topics of race, ethnicity, nation, gender and politics of the region while gaining insights into their global impact. 

    Graduates of the program emerge prepared for careers in international relations, diplomacy, education and much more.

    • Latin American and Caribbean Studies, B.A.
    • Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor


    Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Interdisciplinary Minors

Complement your major with one of our interdisciplinary language and culture minors to help prepare you for a globally interconnected career.
  • African Studies

    Join us on a facinating study that spans ancient civilizations, rich trditions, modern challenges and radiant cultures.

    We'll explore the geography, art and literature of Africa while engaging with its complex social, economic and political landscapes.

    Your African Studies minor pairs well with any number of majors including anthropology, English, French, history, political science and religious studies. It also prepares you for careers in education, inernational business, foreign service, politics, environmentalism and beyond.

  • Asian Studies

    Explore ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology in our interdiscipinary study of the vast continent of Asia.

    In addition to your study of the history, politics, literature, visual arts, religion and economics of Asia, you'll have the option to gain a proficiency in Asian languages such as the Arabic, Mandarin Chinese or Japanese.

    With your minor in Asian Studies, you'll gain employer-valued critical thinking and cultural awareness skills that can help you in a wide range of career paths including international business, diplomacy, education, journalism and media, tourism and hospitality, law and global health.

  • British Studies

    Examine the far-reaching impact of the United Kingdom throughout the world including British literature, art and architecture, political institutions, government, social issues and pop culture.

    The program encourages experiential learning and study abroad opportunities. 

  • European Studies

    It's Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Colessium.

    Oktoberfest, the Olympic Games and the Running of the Bulls.

    The Little Mermaid, Don Quixote, Anna Kerenina and Ulysses.

    It's Europe, and our European Studies minor will take you through the history and diverse cultures of the continent with all its complexities and interconnectedness.

    You'll examine the literature, languages, arts, economics, politics, religion and societies of Europe while gaining cultural insights and a global perspective.

    In addition to a deep appreciation for the European arts, literature and cultural contributions, the minor helps prepare you for careers in business, diplomacy, education, marketing and much more.

  • Japanese Studies

    From Zen and Shinto to manga and Maneki Neko, our Japanese Studies major provides a facinating journey through the language, culture and civilization of Japan.

    You'll take beginning and intermediate courses in Japanese language to gain proficiency in speaking, listening reading and writing. You'll study the history, literature, art, religion and other aspects of Japanese traditions and contemporary life.

    With your Japanese Studies minor, you'll gain enhanced cultural awareness and Japanese language skills to help you in careers in international business, government, education and where ever your career may take you.

  • Middle Eastern and Islamic World Studies

    Explore the history, culture and global impact of the Middle East.

    In addition to options to study the Arabic or Hebrew languages, you'll examine the dynamic societies, politics and religions of the region while analyzing contemporary global issues, gaining cultural sensitivity and preparing for careers in international relations, diplomacy, academia and beyond.