Student Programs

In class, abroad, or at home in La Case Hispaña or La Maison Française. You have so many opportunities to develop your linguistic skills and cultural fluency. Explore our many immersive programs and experiences.

Student Opportunities on a Global Scale

Explore our transformative programs offering professional development, mentoring, experiential learning, specialized courses and maybe even a place to live.
  • Global Ambassadors Program

    Global Ambassadors is a professional development program offering mentoring, extracurricular and international experiential learning designed for students interested in careers with international service organizations, including the civil service and Foreign Service.

    The program creates opportunities for interactions between the students and foreign service officers, civil servants, diplomats and distinguished professionals in internationally-oriented organizations working on global challenges.

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  • International Scholars Program

    The International Scholars Program at the College of Charleston is a joint initiative of the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs, the International Studies Program and the Honors College.

    The program is designed to help students develop a clear and comprehensive understanding of global issues and international perspectives through mentoring, study abroad opportunities and in-depth discussion of current events.

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  • LCWA International Lab

    A hub for enhanced language instruction, the LCWA International Lab provides students and faculty with a state-of-art environment for global-immersion learning.

    The space includes interactive and collaborative pods and technology to connect students with native speakers globally. As a result, students can gain a global education while increasing the immediacy and consistency of their immersive international experiences.

  • Intelligence and Security Studies: Citadel Cross

    Through cross-registration with The Citadel, College of Charleston students can take select online courses in "Intelligence and Security Studies and Cyber Investigations."

    Selections may include courses on Introduction to Intelligence Studies, Homeland Security and Intelligence Collection Systems and Programs.

  • La Casa Hispana & La Maison Française
    Exterior La Casa Hispana
    Live at La Casa Hispana

    La Casa Hispana
    8 Bull Street

    Located in a historic house one block from campus, La Casa Hispana provides an immersive living environment for the the study and understanding of the Spanish language and culture.


    • Applicants must have completed Spanish 202 or have a minimum proficiency equivalent.
    • Residents must declare a major or minor in Spanish and speak Spanish at all times in the house.
    • Students living in the house are responsible for hosting 2-3 cultural events per semester.
    For more information, please contact: Prof. Devon Hanahan 


    Exterior of Maison Française
    Live at La Maison Française

    La Maison Française
    6 Bull Street 

    La Maison Française is a residential living and learning community for the study and understanding of the French language and culture.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Completion of French 102 (or proof of equivalent)

    Located in a historic home one block from campus, La Maison Français provides an attractive living arrangement for students interested in majoring, double majoring or minoring in French.

    International students from France or Francophone regions of the world as well as international students with an interest in the French-speaking world are also strongly encouraged to apply.

    For more information, please contact: Prof. Margaret Keneman