Strategic Partners

The College of Charleston at Stono Preserve's vast ecosystems and landscapes encourage multiple disciplines throughout the College of Charleston to utilize the property as a "living laboratory" for research and study. Similarly, the property inspires strategic partnerships, both public and private, for the advancement of Stono Preserve's vision and the many students, faculty, scholars and community members who will benefit from the environmental diversity and splendor of this majestic urban refuge.

The following organizations have enhanced the College of Charleston and Stono Preserve through their philanthropy, support and guidance:

Lowcountry Land Trust (LLT)
As the holder of the easement on the Stono Preserve, a strong working relationship with the LLT is necessary to ensure success in any of the ventures on the property. LLT has been extraordinarily supportive of the College's efforts to return this unique forest back to its original state.

Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
The Donnelley Foundation, one of the nation's most well-known and respected private foundations, provided a grant for the comprehensive forestry management plan in 2010. One of the Foundation's primary areas of support is land conservation in the Lowcountry, and the Donnelley Foundation has made significant investments in the ACE Basin and other areas surrounding Stono Preserve.

American Forestry Management (AFM)
Over the past 17 years, American Forest Management, Inc., one of the largest forest management consulting firms in the United States, has been working closely with the College on maintenance and conditioning efforts for Stono Preserve. In the fall of 2010, the College of Charleston further partnered with AFM and the Lowcountry Land Trust to develop a comprehensive, long-term forest management plan for the property.

Golden Pearl Foundation
The Golden Pearl Foundation seeks to support the arts, youth and the environment. The Golden Pearl Foundation is a proud partner of the College's student garden project led by Lucy Davis, program coordinator for sustainable agriculture, and CofC students.

ArborGen is revolutionizing productivity in commercial forestry. ArborGen is the largest global supplier of seedling products and a leading provider of improved technologies to the commercial forest industry. Through innovations in conventional breeding, improved genetics and emerging biotechnology advances, ArborGen is developing high-value products that significantly improve the productivity of a given acre of land. These products enable ArborGen's customers to grow trees that yield more wood per acre with greater consistency and quality in a shorter period of time. ArborGen's work is improving the sustainability of working forests while helping to meet the world's growing need for wood, fiber and energy.

Post and Courier Foundation
The Post and Courier Foundation was one of the first private foundations to invest in Stono Preserve and the 3.2-mile interpretative nature trail.

The College of Charleston at Stono Preserve is private land and governed by a conservation easement over the entire property. The easement is very specific as to how the natural resources on the property may be used and accessed. Any photography of the property, trespassing onto the property, or harming of the flora or fauna within it is strictly prohibited and violators will be vigorously prosecuted.