Stono Preserve

An oak tree at the Stono Preserve.

The College of Charleston at Stono Preserveis a majestic 981-acre property along the Stono River and the Intercoastal Waterway. The myriad ecosystems include long-leaf pine forests, wetlands, savannahs, tidal marshes, as well as brackish, saltwater and fresh-water ponds.

College of Charleston students and faculty of multiple disciplines - from marine biology to forest management and historic preservation utilize this vibrant living laboratory. Stono Preserve provides unmatched research opportunities while residents, young and old, will benefit from its dynamic educational outreach and distance learning initiatives. Stono Preserve enables the College of Charleston to educate its students in an unparalleled natural setting; inspire collaboration across campus, industry and governmental agencies; and prepare students and faculty to be leaders in today's environmentally volatile, global society.

In collaboration with the Lowcountry Land Trust, the College of Charleston is embarking on a strategic, comprehensive plan to restore Stono Preserve to its original purpose as a "conservationist's classroom." Native, diverse ecosystems will be restored and maintained to provide experiential learning for College students and faculty, and with the "light on the land" minimalist support facilities in place, Stono Preserve will become an urban refuge for those interested in and appreciative of the natural world around us.


The College of Charleston at Stono Preserve is private land and governed by a conservation easement over the entire property. The easement is very specific as to how the natural resources on the property may be used and accessed. Any photography of the property, trespassing onto the property, or harming of the flora or fauna within it is strictly prohibited and violators will be vigorously prosecuted.