Academic Experience

We believe in an experiential learning experience for students who choose to pursue an entrepreneurship based education. That means that the entrepreneurship courses at the College of Charleston place a heavy impact on real-world trial and error.

Entrepreneurship Classes

The entrepreneurial and innovative spirit is alive at the College of Charleston! Here are some of the classes you can expect to take:

ENTR 200: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

This course provides an introduction to theoretical and experiential issues in entrepreneurship including the language of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

ENTR 260: Design Thinking

Develop a design thinking mindset to help take on the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations, individuals, and society.

ENTR 320: New Venture Modeling (known as Impact X)

While all entrepreneurship courses at the College of Charleston engage, challenge and inspire students, the most intensive and immersive entrepreneurship course is Impact X. It is a Shark Tank-style course where students create real-life solutions to real-world issues. There have been countless successful startups to come out of Impact X.

ENTR 335: Financing New Ventures

Cover commonly used means of funding new ventures including credit cards, short- and long-term debt instruments, and receivables financing. Also covered are the two most common forms of equity investment: angel capital and venture capital.

ENTR 360: Launch X

Explore different dilemmas entrepreneurs may encounter in launching their new venture. Each week will focus on a particular dilemma: Is the right team in place to build the company? How do you source the product sustainably? Does the company have the funding needed to launch its expansion? Find out in this class.

ENTR 406: Social Entrepreneurship

Dive into the ways social challenges can be addressed by both for-profit and non-profit social enterprises and ways outcomes can be measured to satisfy multiple stakeholders.

FYSE 126: Women in Entrepreneurship

This course provides an introduction to theoretical and experiential issues in entrepreneurship, specifically those related to women and minority entrepreneurs. The course includes the history of women and minority entrepreneurs, current trends affecting women and minority-led businesses and more.