Center for Entrepreneurship


Lancie Affonso
Senior Instructor
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Sarah Castle
Instructor of Management and Entrepreneurship
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David Wyman
Director, The Center for Entrepreneurship
Associate Chair, Department of Management and Marketing
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
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Entrepreneurs in Residence

The Entrepreneurs In Residence are a team of entrepreneurs dedicated to bettering the Center for Entrepreneurship and its student entrepreneurs.

Stuart Williams
Founder, Chairman, CEO, In Place Impact

Matthew Wade
College Professor, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach

Christine Osborne
Principal at Christine S. Osborne LLC

Pat Manna
Adjunct Professor, The Citadel Baker School of Business
Successful Entreprenuer

Advisory Board

The Center for Entrepreneurship has a strong and experienced advisory board that is centered on helping our student entrepreneurs. Each advisory board member has pledged a significant time mentoring our students, teaching our classes and financial assistance to help the center sustain operations.

Their extreme passion for supporting our students provides the foundation of our program. For example, the Advisory Board, Huge Foundation, Steve Swanson Foundation, and Department of Commerce – alongside grants and individual donors – have helped raise over $750,000 to support Center for Entrepreneurship programs. 

Mark Richards, Chair '88
Founder, PolyClean USA, Angel Investor

Jennifer Garr
Former SVP, Ogilivy & Mather

Ryan Eleuteri '02
Founder, Charleston Mix

Christine Osborne '78
Founder, WonderWorks

Neely Powell 
Founder, Charleston Shoe Company

Kenny Ridgell '14
Founder, Ridge Media

Chad Ross '18
Founder, Dorsal Bracelets

Glenn Starkman 
Founder, Starkman Capital LLC

Stewart Vernon
Founder, ASP Franchising