Center for Entrepreneurship

The College of Charleston's Center for Entrepreneurship prioritizes the student experience. Our core goal is to engage and challenge you as a student, focusing on experiential learning in entrepreneurship education.

What We Do

The Center for Entrepreneurship supports College of Charleston students across all disciplines in the development of an entrepreneurial mindset through experiential activities.

Students who pursue a minor or concentration in entrepreneurship graduate with four key skills desired by employers:

  • dynamic problem-solving,
  • incredible pitching skills,
  • diverse leadership & teamwork experience, and
  • applicable knowledge of technological applications.

I love that it doesn’t matter what you are studying, any student can benefit from the Center for Entrepreneurship's programs.

Isaiah Kahn ‘23

It's all about the experience!

We are dedicated to providing engaging opportunities for you whether its hearing from a guest speaker or joining a club. Take advantage of all the resources we have to offer!

Did you Know?

A recent survey of the incoming first-year student class found that almost 45% of first-year students want to become entrepreneurs. What can we say? You've come to the right place!