Political Science

Why choose us?

Welcome! You've come to our site for one of two reasons. You're about to enter college and have a love of politics, or you're looking for a graduate program to advance your skills.

The political science department at the College of Charleston has what you need. In-depth courses. Experiential learning opportunities. A generous community. And a strong commitment to help guide you toward a successful career.

Our undergraduate major is quite popular among CofC students. It is compatible with a variety of interests and related areas of study. With the help of our faculty, you'll be able to plan a program that allows you to focus on your unique interests.

Our two graduate programs are also in high demand, and with good reason. We provide an exceptional learning environment for the adult learner. Small, intimate classes. Opportunities to collaborate with faculty and peers. And, practical experiences that take learning to a new level.

Academic Programs

We offer a major in political science, two concentrations for the major, two minors and two graduate programs.
  • Political Science Major

    Our undergraduate program begins with introductory courses that build a solid foundation for the rest of the major requirements. Then comes an exploratory stage where you decide which courses interest you the most. Along the way, we offer experiential opportunities that help you discover your passions. These hands-on experiences complement the knowledge gained in your courses. Soon, you'll be well on your way toward a successful and satisfying career.

    Course information and requirements for the major can be found in the academic catalog:

  • Concentrations

    There are two optional concentrations for our major.

    View course information in the academic catalog:

    Though not required to complete a degree in political science, these optional concentrations allow students to pursue a more focused course of study within the major.

  • Minors

    We offer two undergraduate minors. View course information and requirements for the minors in the academic catalog:

    These minors pair well with many majors here on campus. They add substantive insights that build on your undergraduate major. 

  • Graduate Programs

Great Skills Lead to Great Careers

Our faculty teach courses that develop skills that matter most in society. In this program, you will: 

  • Advance your critical thinking skills. 
  • Learn to problem solve in collaboration with others. 
  • Better communicate and debate the issues of the day. 
  • Improve your listening skills by allowing everyone a voice at the table. 
  • Learn to respect ideas and cultures that differ from your own. 
  • Present meaningful research on topics you choose. 

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