Geography Minor

What is Geography?

Geography is, quite simply, the study of the “why of where?”  But as a wide-ranging discipline that also studies everything about the world, it is much more so.  Literally, geography means to write about the world.  Geographers study human-environment relationships, and how the spaces that we occupy and create are used to affect power relationships.

As a Geographer, you will study closely the world in which you live, how it affects you, and why it does so.  Specific topics that you will study include:

  • How people construct places and why they construct those places in the ways that they do
  • How politics is very much shaped by the environment, but also how the environment is shaped by politics
  • How change in one place may affect change in another place that often times most people think is completely unrelated

You will learn to think deeply about the spaces, places, scales, and contexts of your life!

About the Program

Stand out, be a geographer!