Gifts for Student Learning

Your support of our programs makes experiential learning possible for students in need. Monetary support allows our students to take part in conferences, internships, study abroad experiences, and more. Experiential opportunities build on what we do in the classroom. Minds expand. Self-confidence builds. Passions are defined.

We thank you for giving to our programs. The benefits to our collective future are endless.

I want students to feel like they’re being challenged – to recognize their ability to meet those challenges – so they can rise to their highest potentials. I want to help them develop both intellectually and personally so that they are able to pursue opportunities that they never knew were there.  John Creed

Political Science Foundation Funds

The John Creed Award

The John Creed Award extends opportunities for juniors or seniors who excel in the classroom and display deep intellectual curiosity with an increasing passion for learning beyond the College of Charleston. The award will support internships, study abroad, research, conference presentations and workshops. To learn more about Dr. Creed and why this award was established in his honor, click here: The John Creed Award

Political Science Fund

The political science fund supports guest speakers, special events, learning opportunities and the annual awards ceremony.

William V. Moore Memorial Fund 

The William V. Moore Memorial Fund supports the annual student research conference.

William V. Moore Endowed Scholarship

The William V. Moore Endowed Scholarship provides a renewable scholarship to a student who demonstrates a commitment to improving the quality of life for all South Carolinians.

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