Adam Ali, Professor 
EVSS Program Director 
Areas of Research: Developing satellite algorithms for aquatic environment insights across global scales.
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Matthew Rutter, Professor
Academic Director, Stono Preserve
Areas of Research: Evolutionary Ecology
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Barbara Buckingham, Professor
Areas of Research: Micro Plastics 
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Norman Levine, Professor
Director, Santee Cooper GIS Laboratory and Lowcountry Hazards Center
Areas of Research: Natural and Environmental Hazards, Geospatial Informatics and Visualizations
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Vijay Vulava, Professor
Areas of Research: Environmental pollution in soil and water
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Tim Callahan, Professor
Geology Department Chair
Areas of Research: Hydrology and Water Resources
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Andrew Shedlock, Professor 
Areas of Research: Marine Genomics, Molecular Ecology, Biogeography
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Narayanan Kuthirummal, Professor 
Areas of Research: Nanoscience and Technology
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Matthew Nowlin, Professor
Director of the Master of Public Administration Program
Areas of Research: Public Policy
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Kendra Stewart, Professor
Director of The Joseph P. Riley Jr. Center for Livable Communities
Areas of Research: Government public relations, non-profit management
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Annette Watson, Profesor
Areas of Research: Subsistence economies of North America, The effect of climate change on indigenous wildlife policy
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Brian Bossak, Professor 
Areas of Research: 
Climate Change and Health
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Brennan Keegan, Professor 
Areas of Research: Native American religious traditions and religion and the environment
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Lee Bundrick
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Brita Jenssen 
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