Education Meta-Major

Are you someone who finds joy in the art of teaching, guiding, and sharing knowledge with others? Do you aspire to become a catalyst for positive change within your community through education?

If so, immersing yourself in the field of education may be the perfect fit for you.

As an education major, you'll delve into the principles and practices of effective teaching, learning how to inspire and empower learners of all ages. Whether you dream of shaping young minds in elementary schools, mentoring adolescents in high schools, or guiding adults in lifelong learning settings, picking a major in education equips you with the tools and strategies to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Explore This Meta-Major

The Education meta-major joins together 6 majors from our School of Education to help you develop the skills you will need to enter the workforce right after graduation.
  • Potential Majors
  • Your First Year

    In this meta-major, your general education courses serve as a foundation to your major. You'll have time to explore various subject areas so that you can land on the right major for you. A First-Year Experience course aligned with this meta-major is a great place to start.

    A typical first-year schedule can include courses on topics like:

    • First-Year Experience.
    • introductory writing.
    • foreign languages.
    • history, humanities and social sciences.
    • mathematics and natural sciences.


  • Math Pathways

    Most majors that fall into the education meta-major are not math-intensive. You'll typically need two courses - six credit hours - of math. And, you have a broad list of math areas to choose from. 

    Some secondary education majors, like Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, will have specific math requirements. If you are interested in these particular majors, your advisor will provide the correct math course for these career paths. 

  • Gain a Global Perspective

    Taking your education abroad builds intercultural skills and gives you a broader perspective on your major. The College ranks No. 2 for total participation in study abroad and No. 7 for mid-length duration (semester programs) among all Master's Level Colleges & Universities.

    You can gain a global perspective on your education major through a variety of programs that are offered over spring break, the summer, or for a whole semester. Visit the Center for International Education and make an account in our ViaTRM portal to learn more about our study abroad offerings.

  • In-Demand Skills

    Depending on which major you ultimately choose, you'll add even more skills to your résumé.

    • Project planning, leadership, and management in a classroom.
    • Develop empathy and cultural awareness by teaching students from diverse backgrounds.
    • Conflict resolution and team approaches in a group setting.
    • Thinking critically and helping others to develop that skill.
    • Clear written and oral communication skills.

    Through our partnership with Coursera Career Academy, every Charleston student has the opportunity to enhance their degree with skills and credentials needed to give them a competitive edge in rapidly evolving job markets.

Your Future

Our education majors are well-prepared to lead in the classroom and in a variety of careers beyond teaching, including roles in training and development, educational policy, administration, counseling, and more.

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