Next Steps for Admitted Graduate Students

Checklist for New Students

We're thrilled to have you join our community of scholars, innovators, trailblazers, and game changers.

You're anxious to get started, and we can't wait to see where your College of Charleston experience takes you.

Let's continue your journey.

Log in to MyPortal, the campus app for doing business with the College.

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Complete these next steps to finalize your enrollment and prepare for your classes.
  • Access your Credentials

    You’ll need to use your credentials to conduct important business with the College – such as accessing MyPortal to pay tuition, completing the specialty-scholarship application and registering for classes. You’ll also need it for various campus resources like public computers and Wi-Fi.

    Once you've paid your nonrefundable enrollment deposit, we will send your login credentials to the email account you used on your application. You can then use to conduct business with the College.


    As an admitted student, your initial username is your 8-digit College of Charleston ID number followed by (Example:

    Once you’ve paid your nonrefundable enrollment deposit to confirm your spot, we’ll update your account username to an alphabetical username and will create a email address for you.

    From then on you can use username@g.cofc.edum, to access your College of Charleston email account and MyPortal and conduct business with the College.

    Set up your student email Account. 

    All communication from professors, college offices, and student organizations will be conducted through your student email account. 

    You may use the online lookup tool to locate your username. Some systems, such as the specialty-scholarship application, require the username to be formatted like an email address. If you don’t have a College of Charleston email address yet, add to the end of your username to sign into those systems.

    NOTE: If you have attended College of Charleston in the past or paid a deposit for a prior semester without enrolling, continue to use the same credentials you previously received.

    Visit the MyPortal How-to Guide for more information.


    Your initial password is your College of Charleston ID (CWID) number, plus your six-digit date of birth in the format MMDDYY, plus a capital A and an exclamation point (A!).

    For example, if your CWID is 90000009 and your DOB is Jan 05, 1995, then your initial password is: 90000009010595A!

    Your numbers are specific to you. If you do not know your CWID, use this link to retrieve it: Be sure to register your account for self-service password reset (SSPR) and reset your password to one that you’ll remember moving forward.

    Changing the password changes it across systems.


    This functions as your official student ID, your campus library card, and a free pass for Charleston’s public transportation system, CARTA. You can also load it with Cougar Cash (a debit account) for use at various locations on campus.

  • Pay your enrollment deposit

    Congratulations on your acceptance to The Graduate School! Now, it's time to make your commitment official and reserve your place. Your deposit secures your spot in your chosen program, helping us plan for the upcoming semester.  The deposit will be applied to your tuition and fees once you enroll.

    Deposit Amount: $300 (non-refundable)
    Priority Deadline: May 1
    Final Deadline: July 1

    How to submit your deposit:
    You can submit your non-refundable $300 enrollment deposit online via MyPortal. In MyPortal, select the eBill tile and "Select Deposits" to submit your payment. Please contact the IT Service Desk with any issues you may have logging into MyPortal or submitting your deposit.

    What happens if I miss the priority deadline?
    You can still submit your deposit, but you will only have five business days after your acceptance notification to do so.

    What happens if I don't submit my deposit?
    Unfortunately, your acceptance offer will be withdrawn if you miss the final deadline. So, don't delay!

    Financial aid: If you receive financial aid that covers your tuition and fees, your deposit will likely be refunded after your aid is applied. We'll keep you updated on the process.


    Please contact the Graduate School at 843.953.5614 or

    Pay Your Deposit Through MyPortal
  • Submit All Official Transcripts

    Please submit all official, final college transcripts for any institution where you earned a GPA. Official transcripts are sent directly to the College of Charleston from your previous college or institution. 

    • A bachelor's degree must be reflected on an official transcript. 
    • Transcripts submitted by students are not considered official.  
    • registration hold is placed for any missing transcripts. 

    Please note that students may not enroll in courses until the Graduate School receives an official transcript reflecting an earned bachelor's degree.  


    A digital copy is official and final if it is sent 

    • sent directly by your previous college or university registrar’s office to 
    • sent by secure transmission service (eScript, SCOIR National Student Clearing House, or Parchment). 


    The paper transcript must: 

    • be in an unopened envelope with the original seal of the institution. If the seal is broken, the transcript is no longer considered official and will not be accepted. 
    • include an official signature of the appropriate official at the previous college or university, such as the registrar.  
    • bear the institutional seal or stamp. 

    Mail to:  

    The Graduate School
    College of Charleston
    66 George Street 
    Charleston, S.C. 29424-0001 

    Note: Mailing a paper copy is the slowest method of submission. Electronic submissions are highly encouraged.

  • Upload your immunization records

    The College of Charleston requires students to have three vaccines:

    1. MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Two doses at least 28 days apart for students born after 1956 Dose 1 given at first birthday or later Dose 2 given 28 days after first dose or later 

    2. Quadrivalent Meningitis Vaccine administered at 16 years of age or after (Meningitis Serogroup B vaccine not required) Students over the age of 24 are not required to get a meningitis vaccine if they do not already have one. 

    3. Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap) given within the last 10 years. 
      If your immunization records are not issued in English, all immunization records must be translated into English. 

    New incoming students who are not in compliance with the College of Charleston immunization policy will have a registration hold placed on their account that prevents them from registering for classes at orientation.

    Health Insurance

    The College of Charleston does not require graduate students to have health insurance. However, the College does provide a voluntary health insurance plan to students.  Learn more about that option here.

    International students are required to show proof of health insurance coverage or purchase it through the College.  Learn more about that here.

    Learn more about the on-campus health services available to graduate students at Student Health Services.

    Upload Your Records
  • Verify Your Lawful Presence

    All U.S. citizens must provide proof of their U.S. citizenship before enrolling.

    If you've filed a FAFSA, you're all set. If you've not filed a FAFSA, complete the Verification of Lawful Presence form under the MyForms tile in MyPortal to provide proof of your U.S. citizenship. 

    Non-U.S. citizens who are currently in the U.S. will provide proof of lawful presence during the application process. Non-U.S. citizens who will enroll on a student (F-1) visa type do not need to provide proof of lawful presence.

    More on Lawful Presence
  • Register for Classes

    Register for classes under the “Registration Tools” tile in MyPortal. 

    Before you register, contact your program director for advising and to discuss course options for your first semester.

    Double-check for any registration holds on your account on the Holds tile in MyPortal.  If you have a "Conditional Admit" hold on your account, you cannot register yourself until your admission conditions have been met.  You must contact your program director to complete the registration form.

    Please note that students may not enroll in courses until the Graduate School receives an official transcript reflecting an earned bachelor's degree.  

    If you have questions about registration, contact your program director.

  • Access your Bill and Financial Aid

    Access your bill under the “eBill” tile in MyPortal. 

    Because payments and refunds can only be done electronically, it is vital that the College has your contact information and bank account numbers on file. You can grant family or spouses access to your student billing account as well.

    Review and Accept Financial Aid

    After your FAFSA has been processed, student loans can be adjusted and accepted under the “Financial Aid” tile in MyPortal.

  • Complete Your Virtual Orientation

    You will be automatically enrolled in an online orientation in OAKS, the College of Charleston's learning management system. To access: 

    1. Log in to MyPortal 
    2. Select the "OAKS" tile 
    3. Find the New Graduate Student Orientation course

    Modules and quizzes are an opportunity for new students to learn about graduate student requirements, information on campus resources available to all students, and aspects of life in Charleston. 

    Please contact the Graduate School at 843.953.5614 or with any questions.

  • Find a Place to Live

    On-campus housing is not available to graduate students so we have compiled a few resources for students looking for a place to live.

    • The Graduate School partnered with a company called VeryApt to collect data from current graduate students about where they live around the city, the name of their apartment community, how they like the community, etc. 
    • One of our own graduate faculty has created a roommate finder application, which has served as a valuable asset to our new students.
    • There are many apartment complexes around the peninsula that cater to students.
      • My House on Meeting
      • Sterling Campus Apartments 
      • SkyGarden 
      • Summit Place 
      • Hoffler Place 
      • Summit on Meeting 
      • 99 St. Phillip Street
      • 930 NoMo

    Additionally, many students choose to live off the peninsula in places like Mt. Pleasant, James Island, North Charleston, and West Ashley. 

  • Get Your ID and Check Out Parking and Meal Plan Options

    Campus Services HQ is your stop for so many things!

    A parking pass and meal plan may be good options if you expect to be on campus frequently.