Student Life & Resources

Nestled in one of the most historic cities in America, our campus at the Graduate School at the College of Charleston offers a truly remarkable backdrop for your graduate studies. Immerse yourself in Charleston's captivating atmosphere, where exceptional dining, engaging events, and unique shopping experiences await within a five-mile radius. Indulge in the culinary delights of top-tier restaurants, revel in renowned cultural events like Spoleto Festival USA, and cheer on professional soccer, baseball, ice hockey, and roller derby teams. With its beautiful beaches and a wealth of activities to suit all tastes, living in Charleston is an extraordinary experience that no other institution can offer.

Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate student organizations play a vital role in enhancing the academic and social experience of postgraduate students at the College of Charleston. These groups provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share ideas, and pursue common interests. These organizations offer networking opportunities, workshops, seminars, and social events that foster personal and professional growth. They create a sense of belonging and a supportive community for graduate students who may be navigating the challenges of higher education.
  • Graduate Student Association

    Participation in student government is not only a valuable experience but also a crucial aspect of campus life. It provides students with an opportunity to actively engage in shaping their college experience and making a positive impact on their community. By joining the GSA, you become the voice of your fellow students, advocating for their needs, concerns, and interests. Through this platform, you can influence decision-making processes, contribute to policy development, and collaborate with faculty and administrators to enhance the overall student experience. Moreover, involvement in the GSA allows you to develop essential leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills that will serve you well beyond your college years. It provides a platform to foster meaningful connections, build networks, and develop a sense of belonging within the campus community. So, don't miss out on the opportunity to make a difference, leave a lasting legacy, and create a vibrant and inclusive campus environment by actively participating in student government. Your voice matters, and together, we can shape a better future for all students.

  • Graduate Ambassador Program (GAP)

    GAP offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to make a meaningful impact on the lives of undergraduate mentees. Through this program, graduate students are paired with motivated and aspiring undergraduates, creating a supportive and enriching mentorship relationship. Not only do graduate mentors provide guidance, advice, and academic support, but they also serve as role models and sources of inspiration for their mentees. In addition, participants in the program gain exclusive access to a series of speaker events and leadership development opportunities, further enhancing their own personal and professional growth. By fostering these connections and offering valuable resources, the GAP cultivates a culture of collaboration, mentorship, and shared success within the College of Charleston community.

Campus Facilities and Resources

Explore housing choices for graduate students, from downtown apartments like 930 NoMo and SkyGarden to off-campus living in Mt. Pleasant and more. Plus, discover convenient parking options on and around campus, with preferential assignments for graduate students.
  • Housing and Parking Options

    While on-campus housing is not available to graduate students, there are apartment complexes downtown that cater specifically to students:

    • 930 NoMo
    • My House on Meeting
    • Sterling Campus Apartments 
    • SkyGarden 
    • Summit Place 
    • Hoffler Place 
    • Summit on Meeting 
    • 99 St. Phillip Street

    Additionally, many students choose to live off the peninsula in places like Mt. Pleasant, James Island, North Charleston, and West Ashley. 

    Parking permits are available through the College for both surface lots and garages. Prices vary by location. Graduate students get preferential parking assignments starting their second semester. First semester, permits are sold first come, first serve at Parking Services on Calhoun Street. Permit types include student, evening, disabled access, bicycle, and more. Metered street parking is also available

  • Health and Wellness

    The College of Charleston offers a voluntary health insurance policy for students. Students can learn more about that here.  Uninsured students can also learn more about the Affordable Health Care Act.

    Graduate students have full access to the gyms, just like any other student. Simply swipe in with your student ID at the George Street Fitness Center or Silcox and Johnson gyms.

  • Campus Dining

    Meal plans are not required for graduate students, but they are available. Peruse the different options on the dining services page. Even without a meal plan, you can get into any dining hall with cash, credit, or debit.

  • Student Support Services

    Need help? The College of Charleston is here to meet your needs.