Scholarships & Fellowships

The following scholarship and fellowship opportunities are available to degree-seeking applicants of the Graduate School.  Applicants that feel they meet the criteria should contact their prospective program director to express their interest in nomination as well as submit a completed application by the priority deadline.

Applicants may only be considered for these opportunities via nomination from their program.  Some programs may not be eligible for these awards.  Please contact the Graduate School if you have any questions.

Simon Felix Gallagher Fellowship

$10,000 per year, renewable for second year
1 award available per year
Simon Felix Gallagher Fellowship Criteria

Amy Thompson McCandless Fellowship

$10,000 per year, non-renewable
2 awards available per year
Amy Thompson McCandless Fellowship Criteria

W. Hugh Haynsworth Fellowship

$5,000 per year, non-renewable
5 awards available per year
W. Hugh Haynsworth Fellowship Criteria

Wayne Patterson Fellowship

$5,000 per year, non-renewable 
5 awards available per year
Wayne Patterson Fellowship Criteria

Principal's Fellowship

$1,000+ per year, non-renewable
Principal's Fellowship Criteria

Chick-Fil-A Graduate Leadership Scholarship

$4,750 per year, renewable for second year
1 award available per year
Apply in Academic Works

Other Institutional Scholarships

Cougar Scholarship Award System

Graduate students can review opportunities around campus through the Academic Works system.

School of Education Scholarships

Graduate students in M.A.T. or M.Ed. programs should review the scholarships and fellowships offered by the School of Education. Please visit their website for more information. 

School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering Scholarships

Graduate students in M.S. programs housed in the School of Sciences and Mathematics should review the internal and external scholarships offered. Please visit their website for more information.

Alumni Association Scholarships

The College of Charleston Alumni Association offers the Young Alumni Graduate Scholarship to eligible graduate students. Please visit their website for more information.

Center for International Education Scholarships

The Center for International Education at the College of Charleston provides several scholarships for international study and travel for eligible graduate students. Two examples are the Huge Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship and the Cain Family International Scholarship. Please visit the Center for International Education Scholarships website for more information.