Cougar Card

Connect to campus life with your Cougar Card.

The Cougar Card is the official College of Charleston identification card. All members of the campus community get one. Use your Cougar Card to access events, facilities and services – like your meal plan and free rides with CARTA!

How do I get my Cougar Card?

Your first card is free!

  • Incoming students will receive instructions from Campus Services HQ to upload their photo online before orientation.
  • Current students and employees can get their card at Campus Services HQ at 162 Calhoun Street. We can take your photo and have your card ready in minutes.

To get your Cougar Card, you’ll need to show one of the following unexpired, government-issued forms of photo identification.

  • Driver’s license
  • Non-driver ID Card issued by DMV
  • S. Green Card
  • Passport book or card
  • U.S. Military ID Card

Carry your Cougar Card with you whenever you are on campus to identify yourself as a member of the campus community. Do NOT punch a hole in your card and keep it away from wireless chargers (it's a chip card). If your card stops working, you can bring it to Campus Services HQ for us to troubleshoot.

What can I do with my Cougar Card?

More like what can’t you do with it! Connect to campus with just a tap or swipe of your card.

  • Access your meal plan.
  • Enter your assigned residence hall.
  • Access the library and check out materials.
  • Enjoy Campus Recreation Services.
  • Use the George Street Fitness Center.
  • Ride CARTA buses for free.
  • Use it as a personal debit card with Cougar Cash or Dining Dollars.

Read more about all the ways students and employees can use their Cougar Card.

Lose your Cougar Card?

Have you lost your Cougar Card? Not a problem. Follow these instructions.

Cardholder responsibilities

Please review the Cougar Card Agreement. Cardholders are responsible for being informed of all policies regarding the Cougar Card. The Cougar Card belongs solely to the cardholder and cannot be loaned to others. The card is non-transferable and can be deactivated immediately. Fraudulent use or transfer of the Cougar Card is considered a violation of the Honor Code. Violations will be reported to Student Affairs.

A cardholder who is unsure of fees, policies or procedures should call 843.953.1100 for clarification.