Weightlifting Competition

Held annually every spring semester, this event is a favorite among our fitness center regulars.  Our unique format challenges even the most experienced weightlifters, but also attracts those interested in having fun and testing their strength.

Entry Deadline
April 5, 2023 by 4:30 PM.  Contact the CRS Director, Bucky Buchanan, at LBuchana@cofc.edu for a competition entry or to ask additional questions.

Contest Date
Wednesday, April 5, 2023. The contest begins at 35:00 p.m. with official check-in at 4:30 p.m.

The George Street Fitness Center

A 45-minute, Deadlift -- Squat -- Bench Press battle

Scores will be calculated for both the absolute total and pound-for-pound total.

A copy of the formal rules is available. Please stop by Bucky Buchanan's office in the fitness center for rules. Each contestant will have 45-minutes to achieve their highest possible total for the bench press, squat, and deadlift. Each attempt must be certified by a judge to count towards your highest score per event.

Judges will certify each attempt. An outside head judge will oversee the event. If the lift fails to meet the technique criteria, no score is permitted for that attempt. Technique criteria will be demonstrated per request and is outlined in our competition rules. Here are two rule examples.  The bench press includes the weighted bar coming to a pause on the lifter's chest before the bar is pushed into full extension.  During the squat competition, the superior portion of the hips must break the plane of the knees in order to meet the depth requirements. 

Prior to the official start, participants will have an official warm-up.

A CRS Intramural Champion T-Shirt is awarded to those with the the overall absolute and relative scores for the three events. There will be an overall award winner with additional prizes.

Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy weights.

Ronnie Coleman