Our Programs

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

We believe there is a healthy balance between coursework and production experience. As a major in the Department of Theatre and Dance, you’ll be expected to supplement your specialization with education in the humanities, sciences and languages. 

We provide broad instruction within local and global contexts so that you’re ready to work in any situation. You’ll learn to be an empathetically engaged citizen ready to use the arts to envision and create a sustainable future.  

By combining theory and practice, we prepare you with necessary skills for a successful personal and professional life.  

According to recent labor market data, dancers and choreographers, costume attendants, sound engineers, fashion designers, actors, producers and directors are in high demand. General labor market data provided by Lightcast.

Your Future Employment

From 2021-2031, theatre and dance related occupations are expected to increase.


in jobs posted for actors, producers and directors.


in jobs posted for dancers and choreographers.


in jobs posted for broadcast, sound and lighting technicians.


in jobs posted for costume attendants.

Courses for non-majors

Build your skills in leadership, communication, creative problem solving and collaboration while taking courses in a subject you love! 

Have you ever wanted to learn to sew? What about tap dance? Maybe you’re interested in writing or acting on television or in movies.  

Are power tools more your style? What about learning the history of fashion?  

If you have a passion for the arts and are willing to step outside your comfort zone to build confidence and experience something new, we have so many opportunities for you.  

All of our courses are open to students in any program.  

Departmental auditions are open to all students as well.