Theatre and Dance

Experience the magic of theatre and dance.

Student-centered learning is a hallmark of a College of Charleston education. And that’s no different from what you’ll experience in the Department of Theatre and Dance.  

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Achieve Excellence  

Here, you won’t be just a number. The dedicated and passionate faculty form close partnerships with students. You’ll find yourself integrated into the artistic community. You’ll be supported as you audition for performances – or work offstage on creative projects.  

In small classroom settings and through participation in production seasons, you’ll gain valuable skills to take into any profession.  

  • Creativity  
  • Collaboration  
  • Time management  
  • Leadership  
  • Analysis  
  • Social responsibility  
  • Adaptability  
  • Communication  
  • Problem solving  

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Learn by doing  

Our mainstage season is supplemented by the student-operated Center Stage, the Theatre for Youth Program and the Summer Shakespeare Project.  

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