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In addition to the Dean's Excellence Fund, we have several other scholarship funds you can support.
  • Dr. Michael J. Auerbach "Do Science" Scholarship

    The School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering created a memorial scholarship in honor of Dean Emeritus Michael J. Auerbach and his generosity and exuberance for undergraduate research in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology fields.


  • Dr. W. Frank Kinard Annual Chemistry Scholarship

    A College of Charleston legend, chemistry professor Dr. William Frank Kinard, passed away after 41 years of extraordinary service to the students and faculty of the College of Charleston. Frank loved to mentor students in the lab and has inspired many generations of students. In addition to teaching, Frank's interests in nuclear chemistry led him to serve as secretary of the American Chemical Society Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Division for 17 years.

    • Give to SSME and select "Dr. W. Frank Kinard Annual Chemistry Scholarship" from the drop down.
  • Dr. J. Fred Watts Scholarship

    Dr. J. Fred Watts, who joined the College of Charleston in 1970, was considered a founder of the modern physics and astronomy department. He was a great source of inspiration and a wonderful mentor to many students and faculty in the department.

    He was a gentle, self-deprecating, honest man who could not resist the temptation to share interesting jokes with those around him. He was a reservoir of historical knowledge concerning the department, the College and the city of Charleston. Dr. Watts brought tremendous humanity and humility to the teaching of physics.

    • Give to SSME and select "J. Fred Watts Endowed Scholarship Fund" from the drop down.