Outreach & Grants

Our commitment to advancing science, math and engineering extends beyond the classroom and the lab. 

Through outreach and grants, the School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering connects with a broader community in sharing knowledge, collaboration, discovery, exploration and wonder.


K-12 STEM engagement and outreach initiatives take place throughout the academic year and summer. For more information, contact India Ballard at ballardi@cofc.edu.


The School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering collaborates with centers and other institutions to secure research grants from federal agencies, the state of South Carolina and private foundations.

    The South Carolina IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (SC-INBRE) is a network of academic institutions dedicated to enhancing biomedical reseach in the state and supporting professional development of students and faculty in the biomedical sciences.

    We are one of 18 state insititution members, including the state's three comprehensive research universities (University of South Carolina, Clemson University, Medical University of South Carolina).

    As part of this mission, the SC-INBRE supports the following activities and objectives:

    • Research Support: Funding and resources in support of biomedical research projcts at member institutions.

    • Professional Development: Training, workshops and mentoring to help researchers develop their skills and advance their careers in biomedical research.

    • Student Training: Research experience to help future undergraduate and graduate students develop skills and become the next generation of biomedical scientists.

    • Collaboration: Networking among researchers and institutions in South Carolina, fostering a vibrant biomedical research community.

    • Infrastructure Enhancement: Research infrastructure, equipment and facilities to improve the research capabilities of member institutions.

    • Outreach & Education: Promotes awareness of biomedical research and its benefits.
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  • Center for Coastal Environmental and Human Health (CCEHH)

    Located at the College of Charleston, the Center for Coastal Environmental and Human Health (CCEHH) serves as a hub for faculty and students whose research, teaching and learning interests relate to the interaction between coastal environments and human health. 

    The center encourages the understanding and appreciation for the roles a healthy coastal environment. It ensures the continuation of healthy, resilient and sustainable coastal areas. Founded by marine scientist and former Senior Science Advisor to the NOAA Administrator, Paul Sandifer '68.

    • Research Support: Increases opportunities for faculty grants, student assistantships and internships, and the expansion of course offerings.

    • Environmental Montitoring: Conducts research on the health-promoting effects of coastal areas to encourage growth of a sustainable coastal “blue economy” in South Carolina and the region.

    • Collaboration: Connects faculty with common interests from various programs within and outside the College. Helps them pursue new teaching, research and funding opportunities.

    • Interdisciplinary Research: Supports increased collaboration among the College’s undergraduate and graduate programs in areas related to marine biology and environmental studies and public health.

    • Education & Training: Facilitates seminars, visiting faculty appointments, workshops and internship opportunities for students and faculty to increase knowledge and expertise

    • Policy & Advocacy: Provides a contact point for public officials, agencies and individuals seeking experts in environmental and human health interplay while helping to equip students, stakeholders and the public with the knowledge and will to influence decisions for a sustainable coastal future.