Experiential Learning

Opportunities, Contacts and Experience

We provide you with unique experiential learning opportunities including

  • Research with renowned faculty mentors.
  • Study abroad experiences to collaborate and learn from your global colleagues. 
  • Internships. 


Research provides you hands-on learning, critical thinking, networking opportunities, and a competitive advantage for graduate or professional school. Conducting research also helps you find your place and passion in the workforce. We encourage you to pursue a research project, and we can help pair you and your research interests with a faculty mentor.

Study Abroad

Live, study and gain cultural awareness in science, math and engineering programs in London, Ireland, Australia, the Galapagos and many other science-inviting locations.


Whether you're interested in learning what it's like to work in a museum, a start-up or a full-time lab, there is an internship for you. We have connections with industry leaders across the state and the world. 

  • For more information about internships specific to your program of study, visit your department on The Hub.
  • You can also visit the Career Center for help finding the perfect internship.