About the School

Impactful education in the historic, global, coastal city of Charleston.

Located in the center of Charleston, the College of Charleston School of Business provides an engaging and innovative learning experience for students.

The School of Business is home to six academic departments that deliver an unparalleled business education on a liberal arts campus: 

Additionally, our Centers of Excellence and initiatives support various industries by conducting important research and fostering connections with Charleston's global business community.

Business to a Different Degree

From faculty with real-world experience and industry connections to courses that keep innovation and creativity at the forefront of the curriculum, you'll be getting the best education possible in the School of Business. Here's what makes the Charleston School of Business stand out from the rest.
  • Academic Excellence

    Our faculty members are accomplished scholars and experienced practitioners dedicated to providing a transformative learning experience. With a comprehensive curriculum and innovative teaching methods, we ensure you are well-prepared to excel in your career.

  • The City as a Classroom

    Charleston knows how to mix business and pleasure. Our business school is surrounded by thriving industries. From world-class hospitality and entertainment to ports that export thousands of goods each day, Charleston’s economy is booming. All this while being surrounded by beautiful beaches, top notch restaurants and southern charm. No wonder we’ve been voted the No. 1 City in the U.S. by Travel + Leisure

  • Industry Partnerships

    We maintain strong ties with the business community, offering students access to internships, networking events and mentorship opportunities. These connections provide valuable real-world experience and help bridge the gap between classroom learning and industry demands.

  • Global Perspective

    In today’s interconnected world, having a global perspective is crucial. Our international partnerships, study abroad programs and diverse student body offer numerous opportunities to gain insights into different cultures and markets.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Our commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship sets us apart. From our Center for Entrepreneurship to pitch competitions, we provide resources and support needed for students to turn their ideas into reality.