Global Business Resource Center

The world is your classroom.

We support the continued development of international education opportunities so you may gain the necessary international business skills, cross-cultural experience and foreign language proficiencies needed to compete effectively in today's globalized economy. To help ensure that the international business knowledge conveyed in the classroom is up-to-date and relevant, the we also support faculty development and international business research.

A Growing Area of Study 

Globalization and international trade are key drivers of our national and state economies. In 2021, South Carolina exported $29.7 billion in goods around the globe, supporting over 145,000 jobs in the state. With more than 70 percent of trade taking place outside U.S. borders, however, continued economic development depends upon improving international skills in the business community and in creating an awareness of the globalization of our economy. 

Industry Partnerships

We continue to build upon longstanding relationships with:  

  • Charleston Women in International Trade
  • S.C. Department of Commerce
  • S.C. District Export Council
  • S.C. International Trade Coalition
  • S.C. State Ports Authority
  • U.S. Commercial Service
  • Other international trade organizations

Through these partnerships, we work to expand international trade education and assistance to mid-career professionals.

Since 2008, the GBRC and the Charleston Women in International Trade has run a mentoring program that matches School of Business students with global trade and logistics professionals in mutually beneficial relationships and continues to host workshops connecting students with working professionals.

Extraordinary Happens Here

In 2017, ranked the College of Charleston as the No. 2 Best College for an International Business degree. Indeed, the College of Charleston is the largest provider of undergraduate international business and foreign language degrees in South Carolina. Its graduates are key to the development of an internationally skilled workforce. 

We are the first organization in the state to offer the NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional credential program and training seminars.  

Why Charleston? 

The College of Charleston is located in the beautiful, historic center of Charleston, S.C. - an important port city. This means the GBRC is situated in the heart of the international trade community. Top-notch facilities in the Beatty and Tate Centers provide an ideal venue for international trade seminars, workshops and lectures geared toward students, faculty and/or members of the business community. 

Faculty & Staff Resources

The Global Business Resource Center is committed to advancing global trade and international business research and development by: 

  • conducting global trade and international business research.
  • improving the Global Business Resource Center research infrastructure.
  • supporting continuing education and professional development for faculty whose teaching and research areas are global trade and international business.
  • developing and maintaining international partnerships of strategic importance to the Center's mission.

All GBRC administrators and School of Business faculty members are encouraged to apply for funding when funding is available.

  • Current faculty and staff who want to learn more should visit The Hub

Prospective & Current Student Resources

If you're considering studying languages or international business at the College of Charleston, you should explore these resources.
  • Global Scholars Program

    The Global Scholars program is a university-wide initiative designed to increase the capacity of students, faculty and staff to contribute productively as global citizens.

    The program meets the changing demands brought about by globalization and recognize students and faculty members who structure their learning and work around developing a wider global world view. 

  • International Business & German double major

    Program Overview 

    Double major in international business and German studies and still graduate in only four years! This double major provides you with a multi-dimensional and applied-learning perspective, allowing graduates to successfully navigate a globally competitive business world, while simultaneously gaining a background in German language and German culture.

    Program Benefits 

    Every year, employers at The German-American Business Summit (GABS) mention that students with a double major in International Business and German Studies have a competitive edge over other candidates during the hiring process. If you are a student who is interested in working for a German company (i.e. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch), then you should strongly consider this program opportunity. 


    Morgan Koerner 
    German Studies Department Chair

  • Masters in Hong Kong

    Program Overview 

    Continue your studies and pursue a postgraduate business degree from Lingnan University in Hong Kong. Every year, this AACSB-accredited university seeks quality applicants from the School of Business to apply to their one-year, full-time, English-delivered postgraduate programs. Since 2014, more than 20 students from the School of Business have enrolled in the postgraduate programs at Lingnan University. 

    Program Benefits 

    Accepted program participants are to be awarded a full-tuition scholarship and a living stipend of up to HK$50,000 (approximately US$6,400); or between HK$40,000 and the full tuition of each program. In addition to the full scholarship, students may also qualify for free or reduced housing. 


    Dr. Henry Xie 
    MGMK Department Chair

  • Mentor Match

    Program Overview 

    Connect with corporate leaders from International Business fields through the Mentor Match program. These one-to-one partnerships help you navigate your career path prior to graduation by building interview skills, networking opportunities, career exploration and resume building. 
    Program Benefits 

    Charleston area alumni and professionals are encouraged to participate in this annual program.

    Students and mentors meet six times during the academic year to gain exposure to career aspects in the international trade field. The program isn't just a win for students - mentors gain a great deal, too!

    Mentors develop coaching and feedback skills, gain pride in their career, share experiences to support the student’s development, and stay connected with potential new employees. 

    Dr. James Malm 
    Associate Director 

  • Study Abroad

    Study anywhere around the world!

    The 3 different ways that students can participate in these opportunities are through:

    The Global Business Resource Center is available to help students who are majoring or minoring in the College of Charleston's School of Business.

    Travel Awards & Scholarships

    Whether you are studying abroad in Florence or interning in Hong Kong, international experiences ensure that you will be well-equipped to work in a global marketplace. In addition to program fees and tuition, international travel has its own financial demands. To make these invaluable experiences more accessible to students, School of Business donors are helping to fund global opportunities. 

    • Current students should visit The Hub to learn more about scholarship opportunities. 

Community Resources

The Global Business Resource Center has continued its outreach efforts by building formal relationships with regional and federal trade education organizations. As a member of the South Carolina International Trade Coalition, the GBRC is able to contribute to international trade policy statewide. The College of Charleston and the GBRC served as chair of the Coalition in both 2010 and 2014. The GBRC has a formalized partnership with one of the area's most significant players in professional trade education, Charleston Women in International Trade, bringing business professionals and students together throughout the academic year.