We understand the importance of a selecting a school that best fits your needs. We welcome questions from prospective students (and their families) looking to find their place at College of Charleston.

If you would like to have an informational meeting with a Center for Disability Services (CDS) representative as you weigh your college options, please email snap@cofc.edu. We are available for in-person meetings, virtual Zoom meetings, phone calls, or email, and would be happy to speak with you!

Connect with the Center for Disability Services

Incoming and currently enrolled students (including Charleston Bridge and iCharleston).

Requesting Accommodations 

It is the responsibility of students to disclose disabilities to the Center for Disability Services at College of Charleston and to request accommodations based on the barriers they have experienced or anticipate experiencing while enrolled.

Transition to the College of Charleston

We work with students, faculty and staff to ensure all students at College of Charleston have equivalent access to curriculum, buildings, facilities, support organizations, services and resources. The Center for Disability Services wants to help students who are new to College of Charleston in their transition.