Campus Partners

Getting Support

The Counseling Center works with departments and offices across campus to provide students with the best support possible. You may want to explore some of the other resources available to College of Charleston students. 

Office of Student Wellness and Well-being 

The Office of Student Wellness and Well-being provides you with the information you need to achieve your goals. They have the resources, tools and support to help you find complete wellness. Their goal is to help you thrive in every dimension of wellness.

Multicultural Student Programs and Services

The staff for the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS) welcomes all students to the College of Charleston. We are committed to your success and every effort will be made to ensure that your academic journey is a rewarding one. We are here to make a difference in the lives of the students we serve. We are excited to have you here and look forward to working with you throughout this academic year.  The Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services coordinates the following programs.

Gender & Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC)

The Gender & Sexuality Center enhances the well-being of our diverse LGBTQ+ community at the College of Charleston. They provide programs, services and resources in support of our students, parents, faculty and staff.

Office of the Dean Of Students 

The mission of the Office of the Dean of Students is to promote student wellbeing and development through educating about student rights and responsibilities, creating programs, connecting students to resources, exercising sound crisis response, and advocating for student success.

Collegiate Recovery Program

The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is a resource for students in recovery from substance use disorder and addictive behaviors seeking a degree in higher education. 

Office of Victim Services 

Becoming a victim of a crime can happen to anyone. The Office of Victim Services is available to students whether the crime is on or off campus, and whether the student decides to file a police report or not. 

Disability Accommondations 

The Center for Disability Services/SNAP is dedicated to ensuring all programs and services of the College are accessible. 

Center for Academic Performance and Persistence 

The Center for Academic Performance and Persistence (CAPP) upholds and enforces the academic standards and policies as outlines in the Undergraduate Catalog. They provide support and guidance related to academic policies and proceedures as well as fostering connections to appropriate resources. 

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides quality health care to students. Their goal is to support wellness and to provide early diagnosis and treatment of consitions that students develop while at the College. 

Center for Student Learning

The Center for Student Learning provides comprehensive academic support programs for College of Charleston students as they strive for excellence in learning, while promoting student leadership and development through peer education experiences.  

Campus Recreation Services

Campus Recreation serves the campus community by offering opportunities for students, faculty and staff to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. We offer opportunities for individual and team competition in intramural sports, a chance to participate in over 25 sport clubs, facilities for open recreation and fitness programming, along with outdoor adventures and instructional programs.


F.A.S.T. stands for Faculty/Friends/Family Assisting Students in Trouble/Share a Concern. The online F.A.S.T. system allows faculty, friends and family members to share concerns about students. When the concern is shared, these students are referred to College of Charleston staff who specilize in that particular issue.