Student Experience

Engaging beyond the classroom

If you join the Classics family, you'll be hanging out with some of the most fun and engaged students on campus. Classics is a dynamic place for shared journeys in excellence.


Students in Classics have a wide variety of opportunities in which to engage with the Greco-Roman world outside of the classroom that enhance and support your studies now and provide opportunities for your future.
  • Scholarships

    The Department has a number of scholarship opportunities in support of students, and students of high caliber are recognized via several departmental awards upon graduation.

    Incoming students are eligible to apply for the First-Year Classics Scholarship. This award is given to an incoming student interested in pursuing Classics at the College of Charleston, with preference given to minority applicants and/or first generation college students.

    Once you are a Classics major, you can apply for the three endowed scholarships that the Department awards annually. Each year Classics assigns about $25,000 in awards to our outstanding students.

  • Study Abroad

    Study abroad provides students with a broad perspective on their studies, an intensive experience to view their role within the broader world, and impressions that last a lifetime. There is rarely a better time for extended study and living abroad than while in college. Study abroad opportunities in Greece and Italy allow students to leave the beauty of Charleston for the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean or other locales.

    Former students have taken advantage of:

    • Short (14-28 days) study abroad trips to the Mediterranean led by College of Charleston Classics faculty.
    • Semester or year-long study via College Year in Athens (an affiliate program of the College), which provides for an in-depth study of the ancient and modern cultures of Greece.
    • Semester or year-long programs of study in Italy via several affiliate programs, including John Cabot University in Rome.
    • Summer fieldwork opportunities with College of Charleston faculty or through other affiliate institutions.
  • Research and Internships

    Research opportunities and internships provide real-world experiences and applications to their studies and opportunities for scholarly publications and presentations.

    Research in Classics can take a variety of forms:

    • In collaboration with a team of students lead by a faculty advisor.
    • As independent research under the mentorship of faculty.
    • Archaeological field studies abroad.
    • Year-long bachelor’s essays.

    Classics is for everyone. It trains you for a variety of careers. Internships are one way you can showcase your skills and gain new ones. Internships are a valuable educational and networking experience. They may even lead to job or career opportunities. You can work with faculty members to design an internship in an area that suits your interests and career goals.

    Former students have interned with local business, cultural institutions and even places abroad!

  • Student Organizations

    Student organizations, such as the student-led Classics Club and Eta Sigma Phi sponsor or co-sponsor numerous extra-curricular activities.

  • Careers

    Alumni of the College’s Classics program have proven, for 250 years and running, that classical education leads to lucrative and rewarding careers. Our majors have access to a Classics internship program that enables them to prepare for their future jobs and careers. Alumni of our department of the last ten years have gone on to become:

    • Lawyers
    • Physicians
    • Curators/archivists/archaeologists
    • Teachers (both K-12 and college)
    • Officers in foreign service/military intelligence
    • Managers in marketing and financial sectors
    • Authors
    • Librarians
    • Public relations specialists