Join the Community

It’s not just about donations.

If you like archaeology, support the work of your local archaeologists. Join a local or national organization that advocates for the remains of the past. Encourage the teaching of archaeology in schools and universities. Join a local museum or archaeological society. Seek out those managing and studying the past and encourage their work via volunteering or financial support.

How to Support Archaeology

Friends, students, alumni, parents, and supporters of archaeology take an active part in supporting archaeology broadly and supporting the Archaeology Program in specific. Each of us can make a difference.
  • Advocate

    Supporting archaeology and the Archaeology Program at Charleston is as simple as being a part of the community.

    • Join a local archaeological organization, such as the AIA, and learn about archaeological work in your backyard and around the world (Check out the organizations listed beneath our contact information).
    • Promote and encourage the study of archaeology at the high school and college level.
    • Alumni and friends of the Archaeology Program can support specifically by serving as a bridge between students interested in archaeology and the College.
  • Guide

    The Archaeology Program is more than its students and faculty. It also includes a network of alumni and affiliated professionals. Alumni and professionals share information about positions in archaeology and related disciplines and provide insight into potential career paths for current students. Alumni who have taken different career paths than archaeology are especially valuable, given that this broadens the vision of where the study of archaeology can take a person.

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  • Give

    Many alumni, parents, students, faculty, and staff share the goal of strengthening and ensuring the future of a vibrant program in Archaeology at the College via financial giving. What matters not is the size or type of gift, but the desire to be an active part of Archaeology's future at Charleston. Supporting the high impact experiences of students is the primary focus of the Program's general fund. Gifts can be a one-time event, or set to be recurring. For more information or assistance, contact the Director of Archaeology.

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