Academic Standards

The academic standards of the College of Charleston are outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog and the Student Handbook.

All students are subject to all college regulations and policies and are responsible for adhering to regulations and codes. The Center for Academic Performance and Persistence provides any needed information and assistance related to the academic standards of the institution and anything that might be affecting a student's ability to meet and/or maintain those standards. 

Academic Expectations

Students enrolled at the College of Charleston are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) to avoid being placed on academic probation. These requirements are based upon the total number of credit hours earned by the student. ​​​​​​​

Credits Earned GPA Required
0-29 1.50
30-59 1.80
60 and up 2.0

Terms & Definitions

At times, you may encounter challenges that require additional help and guidance. As with all challenges, there are always opportunities to improve. The Center for Academic Performance and Persistence is here to provide you with support and resources to help get you back in good standing.
  • Academic Probation

    If a student’s cumulative GPA at the end of any term (the entire summer is defined as a term) is less than the minimum grade point average requirements (see the chart above), then the student is placed on Academic Probation and will be required to sign an Academic Probation Contract.

    Once placed on probation, a student must show satisfactory academic improvement by the end of the next term of enrollment (including summer sessions), regardless of the number of hours earned or attempted, or the student will be subject to academic suspension.

    Current students, please visit The Hub for more information.

    Academic Probation in the Catalog
  • Academic Suspension

    Students that do not show Significant Academic Progress in their cumulative GPA during their Academic Probation period, or that do not meet the conditions outlined in their Conditional Readmission Contract, are subject to academic suspension.

    Students who are academically suspended at the end of the term will be dropped from all classes in the subsequent semesters.  

    • First Suspension: The suspension period is two semesters, summer is considered one semester. 
    • Second Suspension: (and subsequently thereafter): The suspension period is three calendar years, from the last date of enrollment. 
    • At the end of suspension period, the student is eligible to re-apply for conditional readmission. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence prior to applying. 

    Current students: Visit the Hub for more information

    Academic Suspension in the Catalog