Women's and Gender Studies

Social change. Sexuality and gender. Examining complex issues through a nontraditional lens.

If you're interested in taking classes that deepen your knowledge and understanding of social issues, then the Women's and Gender Studies Program is for you!

Why Our Program

We explore the intersections of gender, class, race, ethnicity, age, equity, religion, ability, and sexuality. By examining societal and historical issues through an interdiscplinary framework, students develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills that will enrich their personal and professional endeavors.  

Most importantly, studying women's and gender studies can give you a distinct advantage for future employment or graduate study.

You'll have a foundational understanding of prominent social issues. You'll demonstrate adept verbal, writing, and research skills. You will have completed a program that encourages social advocacy, emphasizes equity, and uplifts marginalized voices.

Through our many student opportunities, you'll gain valuable real-world experiences.