Campus Sustainability Progress

Our Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) is split into four main goals:  

  • Climate Resilience 
  • Zero Waste 
  • Holistic Integrated Learning 
  • Active Sustainability Culture 

Progress in all of these categories is crucial. We work together as a campus to lay the College of Charleston’s path to sustainability. 


Sustainability Action Plan Progress

Click through the pillars below to see how the College is continuously working toward sustainability on campus.
  • Climate Resilience
    The College has set a goal of climate neutrality by 2050. We’re working to neutralize our campus emissions in a variety of ways. 

    Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories

    The Center for Sustainable Development has conducted numerous greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories since 2011. This is an important step in measuring our emissions impact. We can now track changes and see where improvements can be made! 

    Renewable Energy

    Construction of a solar pavilion near Addlestone Library was completed in the Fall of 2021. In addition to shaded seating, there are fans, electrical outlets, and charging stations completely powered by solar energy. 

    14 Green Way is a historic building in the heart of the College's campus. There are strands of solar film on the roof, producing approximately 1/3 of the energy needed to operate this historic home. 

    Sustainable Transportation

    Twenty-nine percent of our current vehicle fleet is all-electric. We are continuing to transition to emission-free vehicles! Also, the local bus system, CARTA, is free for all campus members with their College ID. 

  • Zero Waste

    The College has set a goal of zero waste by 2035. We’re aiming to eliminate the majority of waste from our processes here on campus!  

    We have defined 'Zero Waste' for the College to be a 90 percent diversion rate. To achieve this goal, we’re tackling the problem of waste from many different angles. 

    Waste Audits


    Composting & Recycling 



  • Holistic Integrated Learning


  • Active Sustainability Culture


The College of Charleston has received various certifications and accreditations for their sustainability efforts around campus, including:
  • AASHE STARS - Silver Rating
  • Tree Campus USA
  • Bicycle Friendly University - Bronze Rating
  • Climate Leadership Carbon Commitment




Building Certifications

Listed below are buildings and construction projects that have received certifications for either LEED or Green Globes, as well as those that are in the process of being certified.