Sustainability in Student Life

Discover a more sustainable lifestyle.

We create a campus environment where students can grow and learn alongside each other. Student organizations help foster a community where caring is key. Our campus operations help create a more sustainable environment for you to flourish.  

Current students/faculty/staff: If you have a valid campus login, you can find more information on The Hub!

Student Clubs & Organizations

Student groups can make a difference on campus! Many clubs at the College of Charleston have goals that explicitly or implicitly include sustainability. Find your people, find your passion.
  • Sustainability Focused
    • Alliance for Planet Earth: Focused on hands-on sustainability. Efforts include low-waste camping trips, trash pickups and environmental justice education.  
    • Sustainable Fashion Club: research and collaboration on sustainable consumer practices in the fashion industry.  
    • Sustainable Ocean Alliance: dedicated to promoting ocean advocacy and communal solutions to preserving our marine environment.

    ...and more. Accepted/current students can explore on CougarConnect!

  • Sustainability Inclusive
    • Black Student Union: promotes inclusivity and diversity on the our campus. Aims to uplift and empower minority students. 
    • Charleston Area Justice Ministry: a network of congregations and organizations working together to make Charleston a safer, more affordable, more accessible and more equitable place. 
    • CHAARG: a wellness + fitness organization accepting of all backgrounds, gender identities, races and fitness levels.  
    • Hispanic Latino Club: unites students of Hispanic and Latino descent (and other students) to embrace our nationality and learn more about their culture. 
    • Historic Preservation and Community Planning Club: historically passionate individuals from a variety of disciplines.  
    • Panhellenic Association: The governing body over the ten National Panhellenic Conference sororities on the College of Charleston campus. They've helped support sustainability initiatives!
    • Q-Space: student-led LGBTQ+ alliance. Providing a safe space and voice for the LGBTQ+ community on campus. 
    • Student Government Association: the representative body for all students on campus. Allocates student organization funds, provides educational events and functions as a mediator between students and administration. 
    • Vegan Club: inspiring people to adopt a plant-based diet free from harm to animals, human health and the environment. 

    ...and more. Accepted/current students can explore on CougarConnect!

Life on Campus

At the College, you can live both comfortably and sustainably. Whether you’re moving onto campus or just stopping by for a quick bite to eat, reduce your impact on the environment with our sustainability initiatives.
  • Housing

    Mindful Move-in/Move-out

    We see an increase in waste produced during students’ move in and out from residence halls. The Mindful Move-in and Move-out programs help to reduce this uptick in waste!  

    Mindful Move-in aims to make cardboard recycling easier and more streamlined. Mindful Move-out allows students to donate housewares, clothes, food and more instead of throwing them out.

    Select items like trash cans, clothes hangers, and bed risers collected during Mindful Move-out are redistributed for free during Mindful Move-in!

    Recycling in Residence Halls

    Recycling is available in every residence hall on campus. Paper, metal, plastic and glass are all accepted through our residence hall recycling program.  

    Looking forward to moving into your new Charleston home? Living on campus already? There are resources available on The Hub (with a valid College of Charleston login) 

  • Dining

    Composting in Dining Halls

    All dining halls across campus have compost collection programs. Composting allows us to reduce our food waste by recycling leftover food into valuable fertilizer. Composting also decreases the amount of methane (a greenhouse gas) produced in landfills.  

    Learn more about sustainability on the Dining Services page! 

    Student Food Assistance

    We believe our students should be able to eat well and eat often, no matter where they live or what their income level is. The College of Charleston has resources available to help students experiencing food insecurity.  

  • Transportation

    Because of the College’s location in the heart of Charleston, there are many options for getting around with a reduced or zero carbon impact.

    As of 2022, 50 percent of students walk or bike as their main form of transportation. Even if you need to travel longer distances, you have sustainable options. The local bus system, CARTA, is free for all campus members with their Cougar Card (college ID). 

  • Gender-Inclusive Facilities

    Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable on campus. If you have questions about inclusive housing, please reach out to the Pride Center.  

    Multiple organizations on campus, such as the Center for Sustainable Development and the Student Government Association, have worked to make a variety of period products more widely accessible to students.