Student Opportunities

Take advantage of the various ways to get engaged in sociology and anthropology.

Hands-on Learning

Whether it is study abroad, an internship or an in-depth senior project, our faculty will assist you in developing the necessary skills to succeed.
  • Internships

    Internship opportunities allow you to apply what you have learned in the classroom to a workplace setting. It is a chance to link theories and concepts to concrete situations while providing service to the community. They also provide a taste of how you can use your degree once you graduate

  • Study Abroad

    Taking advantage of study abroad opportunities help you to explore other cultures, learn a new language, gain new insights about the world and apply your classroom knowledge. Departmental faculty led study abroad trips to Ireland and Greece recently and are planning exciting trips in the future.

  • Senior Project

    You have several opportunities to demonstrate your understanding of the connection between theoretical perspectives, methods, and empirical data through engagement in a senior seminar, completion of a bachelor’s essay, or engagement in an internship.