Honors Program in Business

A unique, rigorous and challenging academic experience

Are you looking for small, intellectually challenging courses? Look no further than the Honors Program in Business. This program is designed to enhance the education of students admitted to the Honors College who wish to pursue any major in the School of Business.

The program offers:

  • Small classes.
  • Independent research opportunities.
  • Individual mentoring experiences with faculty and alumni.

If you’re interested in business, be sure to indicate that on your Honors College application. All Honors College students who declare a business major will be automatically enrolled in this program.

Program Highlights

Our Honors Program in Business offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Here's how.
  • Mentoring Program

    It’s a “mentoring chain reaction” in the Honors Program in Business. Upperclass students mentor first-year students and alumni mentor upperclass students. Additionally, you have a dedicated faculty advisor for all four years and the opportunity to network with business professionals.

  • Service Leadership Program

    As an Honors student, you will lead a service-learning project using campus resources to develop self-awareness, self-management, interpersonal relationships and organization leadership skills.

  • International Experience

    Students in the Honors Program in Business have the opportunity to study abroad in one of the School of Business Study Abroad programs. These international experiences reinforce the concept of global business.