Department of Psychology

Discover what makes us human.

The study of psychology involves learning about the mind, the brain, and behavior.  It includes everything from social interactions to memory formation to the functioning of neurotransmitters.  Psychology can help you understand the world around you, and it provides a foundation for many careers including, but certainly not limited to, counseling, research, and teaching.

We offer a range of high impact learning experiences:

  • Collaborate in our research programs. Gain experience in creating scientific knowledge.
  • Learn how culture plays a role in behavior with study abroad opportunities.
  • Develop your skills and knowledge in the real world through professional internships.
We strive to serve not only our campus, but also the larger community, modeling the importance of civic engagement and public service to our students. Study psychology at the College of Charleston and help advance the field of psychological research, positively impact your community, and discover what makes us human.

Major & Minor

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 

Most students choose the B.A., which provides a broad undergraduate overview of the field of psychology. Students who are considering a career in human services or a psychology-related field where graduate training in experimental psychology is not required (e.g., social work, education, business, or health-related occupations such as nursing or physical therapy) may consider the B.A.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

The B.S. degree provides a broad background in psychology, and prepares students for advanced training in the field of psychology or a related scientific discipline. The curriculum emphasizes mathematical and methodological skills that psychologists utilize when studying human and animal behavior. The B.S. is especially useful for those who plan to pursue advanced graduate-level study in psychology or a related natural science discipline such as neuroscience or medical research.


A psychology minor is a strong complement to many majors. A few popular majors among students who add a psychology minor include biology, business administration, communications, exercise science, public health, sociology, and teacher education.

What's the Difference Between the B.S. and B.A.?

This is one of the top questions we get from prospective students interested in the psychology major! We've broken it down to get you started, but please reach out to us with questions.

The Basics Bachelor of Science/B.S. Bachelor of Arts/B.A.
How many credit hours? 62+ 47+
What's the focus? Math & Research Methods Broad View of Subfields
What's the goal? Ph.D./Clinical Prep Job or Master's Program

More Student Opportunities

Looking for ways to connect outside of the classroom or fund experiential learning opportunities? We've got you covered!
  • Clubs & Organizations

    We offer lots of ways to engage with your fellow psychology students outside of class. Check out our student clubs and organizations - there's something for everyone!

    • Psychology Club
    • Neuroscience Club
    • Meditation Club
    • Psi Chi
    • Best Buddies
    • Neurodiversity Initiative

  • Scholarships & Awards

    Expenses can add up quickly. The College of Charleston offers many scholarships and other forms of financial aid, including options in the psychology department to help with things like tuition, internships, conference travel, and study abroad.

    • William Bischoff Memorial Scholarship
    • Charles Kaiser Award for Outstanding Psychology Student
    • Charles Latimer, Jr., Travel Award
    • Psychology Student Opportunities Fund
    • Dr. Matthew J. Graves and H. Renee Harvey Award (to begin in the 2025-2026 school year)