The purpose of this section is to help you better understand how to do business with the College of Charleston.

The College of Charleston utilizes an electronic sourcing system, designed to improve the vendor's experience while enhancing efficiencies on both sides. We expect our solution will improve our vendor relationships and increase diversity in our marketplace. It will allow vendors to self-identify the products and services your company provides and to receive notifications automatically when the College issues a solicitation for those goods or services.

Registration is free, quick and easy. Complete the six step registration form, review and submit. You will be asked to provide all information required for conducting business with the College and to choose the categories of products and services you offer. Once registered, automatic notifications are issued of bids posted in our system that match the products and services for which you registered.

Registration is also the first step in submitting electronic bids.

While registration does not guarantee the College of Charleston will purchase from your company, it does guarantee heightened visibility of our solicitations and your company's visibility among our Procurement Officers.

Campus Visitation

It is recommended that an appointment be made by telephone with the Sourcing Manager to permit uninterrupted discussions. As parking space is at a premium, the use of public parking facilities is recommended. Direct discussion between vendor representatives and potential users in the various departments is acceptable on such subject matter as technical information, instructional information, requests for literature, etc., unless instructed otherwise in a solicitation notice. All contacts or correspondence, pertaining to posted solicitations or negotiations affecting purchase or prospective purchases which involve prices, terms, conditions, and delivery, must be with the Office of Procurement.

Purchasing Policy And Procedures

The College of Charleston is a state agency governed by state law. Procurement and materials management are centralized under the Director of Procurement. Policies and procedures are in accordance with the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code which governs the expenditure of all funds regardless of the source, unless specifically exempted.

General Information

All purchases must be authorized by the Office of Procurement. Normally, shipments should not be made without receipt of a College purchase order and definitely not until a purchase order number has been provided.

For tracking purposes, all products submitted for evaluation must have a valid College of Charleston purchase order assigned prior to delivery of items to College facilities.

IRS Form W-9 is required for all new vendors conducting business with the College of Charleston. Current vendors must update this form when there is a change in the organization of the business or tax status.  This form and instructions are available on the Procurement or IRS website.

Unauthorized Purchases

Any purchases that have not been authorized by the Office of Procurement will not be accepted or considered binding upon the College and may be returned to the vendor at vendor cost or may be considered a donation to the College of Charleston.

Procurement Methods

Small Purchases:

Orders for $10,000 or less may be made without securing competition, if the prices are certified as being fair and reasonable by the purchaser. These purchases require a College of Charleston purchase order; unless they are paid for with the State Purchasing Card (see next section).

Purchasing Card:

If the vendor accepts the Visa card, qualified small purchases under $2,500 may be paid for using the State Purchasing Card (Visa).

Other purchases:

Purchases for more than $10,000 require competition. All orders over $50,000 are purchased by competitive sealed bid or competitive sealed proposals. State law requires all purchases exceeding $10,000 to be advertised in "South Carolina Business Opportunities" a daily publication.

Additionally, solicitations and awards are posted at CofC eBid.


If you are the lowest responsive, responsible bidder, you will be notified by purchase order or Statement of Award.


The College is required to pay South Carolina sales taxes.

Shipping Instructions

All shipments must be shipped F.O.B. destination unless otherwise directed on the purchase order. All shipments must be directed to the location shown on the purchase order. Most material orders are to be shipped to Central Receiving, 4750 Goer Drive, Units D & E, North Charleston, SC 29406. Shipments must reference a valid purchase order number. If shipping goods were purchased with a State Purchasing Card, please reference "PCP" in the shipping address.


All invoices must reference purchase order numbers. Submit invoices via mail to the College of Charleston, Accounts Payable Department, 66 George Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29424 or via email

Formal Bidding Conditions And Instructions

The College of Charleston uses online bidding software to post current solicitations, documents and addenda.  Awarded bid information is posted on this site as well.  Vendors can register here to receive automated alerts   for new solicitation opportunities.  Please visit the College of Charleston’s eProcure Vendor webpage at CofC eBid.

Each bidder should carefully examine solicitation documents, including any addenda. Careful attention should be paid to requirements for bonds, insurance, catalog cuts, samples, references, etc. Should the bidder identify any discrepancies or ambiguities, notify the Office of Procurement at once.

No oral or telephone interpretations of specifications shall be binding upon the College. All requests for interpretations or clarifications shall be made to the Procurement Office at least five (5) business days prior to the date set for the bid opening or by the deadline set for questions referenced in the solicitation. All changes or interpretations of the specifications will be made by written addendum. No allowance will be made for oversight or misunderstanding, by the bidder, after bids are received.

Preparation Of Bids:

If the bid is not submitted online via CofC eBid, the bid form may be submitted in hard copy and must be either typewritten or hand-written in ink to show prices and notations. No erasures will be permitted. Errors must be crossed out and initialed by the person signing the bid. Signatures on bids must be by a principal, duly authorized to bind contracts.

Submission of Bids:

If the bid is not submitted online via CofC eBid, the solicitation must be returned in an envelope, clearly marked, with the solicitation number. Bidders are responsible for the actual delivery of bids during business hours. No bids will be accepted after the stated date and time. Bidders are cautioned to allow enough time for mail delivery, as College mail is processed through a central mail room. Sealed bids may not be faxed directly to the College but may be sent to a third party who then places it in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the solicitation number and delivers the bid during business hours.

Bid Opening:

Bids are opened on the date and at the time specified, and are open to the public. Bid files may be examined during normal working hours after award and upon receipt of request. No bid may be altered, amended, or withdrawn after the scheduled bid opening. Negligence on the part of bidders in preparing bids confers no right for the withdrawal of bid after opening. By submitting any solicitation, the bidder certifies under penalty of perjury that the bidder has not acted in collusion with any other bidder or potential bidder.

Affirmative Action

The successful bidder will take affirmative action in complying with all Federal and State requirements concerning fair employment and employment of the handicapped, and concerning the treatment of all employees, without regard or discrimination by reason of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or physical handicap.

Minority Business Enterprises

The College fully supports the efforts of the Governor and the State Legislature to assist minority-owned businesses to develop as part of the state's policies and programs which are designed to promote balanced economic and community growth. Therefore, the College wishes to ensure that those businesses owned and operated by minorities in the State of South Carolina are afforded the opportunity to participate fully in the overall procurement process. 

The State maintains a directory of these vendors; please visit Office of Small and Minority Business Assistance for additional information or to apply for certification.


Employees of the College of Charleston are prohibited from accepting gifts, meals, trips, rebates, or any promise of future reward or compensation or any other article and/or object of value from a vendor, although the intent of such a gesture may be honorable or a customary practice of the vendor. It is suggested that these gratuities be directed in cost saving to our solicitations, for benefit to the entire College.

The College has adopted the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Code of Ethics.

Reservation Of Rights

The College of Charleston reserves the right to make modifications to the contents of this guide without prior notice to the vendor. If a disparity occurs between this guide and the bid documents or purchase order, the bid document and/or purchase order will govern. The information stated in this guide shall not be construed as an interpretation of College policy and procedures or interpretation of State statutes.

Additional Information

Any questions regarding the contents of this guide or doing business with the College should be addressed to the Director of Procurement, telephone 843.953.5510.

Contact Information

Office of Procurement843.953.5510
Procurement Fax843.953.5444
Central Warehouse843.308.6500
Central Warehouse Fax843.308.6502