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Javier Gomez-Lavin '12

He studied everything from careful attention to the structure of the arguments that frame pressing issues in today's world, to learning how to bring cutting-edge neuroscientific research to bear on thorny puzzles at the heart of our understanding of our own minds.

Philosophy is a discipline that encourages and teaches students to think well, broadly and creatively. It helps students forge new paths when tackling the kinds of problems posed by our changing technological and social landscapes.

It's a focus on those skills and questions that helped Gomez-Lavin develop an inaugural B.A. in AI program, housed within the Philosophy Department at Purdue where he is now an Assistant Professor.

He hopes to prepare students to solve the unique challenges posed by the proliferation of artificial intelligence in our day to day lives by equipping them with the critical thinking skills central to a good philosophical education. And by allowing them to develop a mastery of these technologies by featuring them across all of the courses, such as the Introduction to Philosophy through Videogames course that he launched this past Fall semester.