Department of Philosophy

Explore life's questions, ignite debate and unravel the mysteries of human thought and meaning through the Department of Philosophy at the College of Charleston.

Philosophy is an exciting major and challenging discipline. It focuses on some of the deepest and most intractable quesitons we face. 

Is there any objective standard of moral rightness? Does God exist? Do humans have free will? 

Philosophers use different methods to tackle these questions. Imaginative thought experiences and rigorous analysis of arguments will help you build skills essential to your undergraduate education and future profession. 

What is philosophy? 

Philosophy is unlike other academic discipline. Instead of studying a specific topic, you'll learn through asking questions. This is the defining quality of philosophy. These questions demand deeper explanations or justifications.

How do we know what we claim to know? How do we tell right from wrong? What is there, ultimately, in the universe? How should we live our lives, and why? To do philosophy is to pose and appreciate the force of questions like these. 

Because you can raise philosophical questions in any area of life, philosophy relates to all areas of study.

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