Center for Excellence in Peer Education

Student success starts here!

Find success at the College of Charleston through the Center for Excellence in Peer Education. We train approximately 200 students annually to become peer educators. That means we provide you, our students, we a seamless transition to campus life. We teach you all the necessary academic and social skills to help you meet your goals while making the College feel like home.

If you're a current student ready to get involved, visit our site on The Hub. 

What can Peer Education do for you? 

We create student leaders. We train high-achieving and compassionate students to assist and guide their peers through their College of Charleston experience. These students leaders help their peers have positive academic and social experienes at the College. 

We enrich lives. Both the peer educator and the students they educate will build valuable life skills. 

Who do Peer Educators serve? 

Peer educators serve as tutors, mentors and coaches to several groups across campus. Depending on which area interests you, you may have to complete a specific application. All details on how to apply can be found on The Hub. 

Peer Educators serve as: