Literature and Film

The literature and film concentration provides comprehensive training in communication, qualitative research, and analysis. In this concentration, you’ll study literary and cultural artifacts from medieval manuscripts to modern films.  


Taught by award-winning teacher-scholars, courses such as “Black Women Writers,” “Coming of Age in Southern Spaces,” “Young Adult Literature,” and “Shakespeare” supply students with contexts for the critical examination of the world they live in now as well as practical skills for the careers that await them after graduation. The concentration culminates with a capstone course, “Beyond the English Major,” which guides students from the major to a range of post-graduation opportunities. Literature and Film concentrators have presented their research at conferences, published their work in academic journals, and gone on to jobs in an array of professional fields.
  • Why Literature and Film?

    Studying the stories that others have told, whether in the form of novels, poems, plays, or films, allows us to transcend the limitations of our own experience. It is also a time-honored tradition of education that supplies students with sought-after career skills and empowering, life-enriching knowledge.

  • What Will You Learn?

    Literature and Film students learn to analyze texts from a variety of different perspectives. Exploring complex questions with no single answer, they draw upon the insights of other disciplines, from history to philosophy. This work helps them build a broad base of knowledge while developing skills in research, critical analysis, problem-solving, writing, and communication that are valued by employers in every field.

  • The Capstone Experience: Beyond the English Major

    The Literature and Film concentration culminates in a unique capstone experience called “Beyond the English Major.” Taken in the final semester, this course invites students to reflect on the work they have done and the knowledge and skills they have gained in the concentration. They network with alumni, strategize about career goals, and compose a professional ePortfolio, combining a range of academic and professional documents.

  • A Vibrant Community

    Along the way, Literature and Film concentrators become part of a vibrant community of readers, writers, and creatives. They get to know each other at events in our student lounge and courtyard. They plan events of their own as members of our student organizations. And they help shape the culture of our department as English Ambassadors or members of the Student Advisory Group.

  • The Literature and Film Minor

    The Literature and Film minor allows English majors in other concentrations to expand their expertise in the field while offering students from other departments the opportunity to distinguish themselves by acquiring the desirable skills fostered by the study of Literature and Film.

  • Careers

    The success of our alumni shows that Literature and Film is a practical course of study as well as a fulfilling one. Literature and Film concentrators have gone on to careers in business, copywriting, education, journalism, law, marketing, medicine, and publishing.

  • Concentration Director

    Tim Carens72 George St., Room 202E-mail: